Is this an S-trap?

I just inspected this house, and I am concerned if the plumbing in this bathroom is too close to an S-trap. the waste plumbing directs down after only six inches of level plumbing after the p-trap. Concerned of danger of siphoning out p-trap. What do you think? I don’t remember if there are any measurement standards that are safe for this. Can you see photo?

I wouldn’t call it out.

This help?:

Update: I put this question out on a plumbing blog site, and a plumber said that we do have an S-trap. He said that it could be resolved by installing an AAV (air admittance vent) just after the trap. Looks like this…
AAV vent.jpg

I think Larry answered the question. The arm appears to be twice the size of the trap diameter. You’ll see this a lot.

Larry, I hadn’t seen your post. I was looking for a mimimum horizontal. This looks good also. Make sense.

I couldn’t post a pic on the plumber blog, so he couldn’t actually see for good judgement of problem. Thanks again

I can see why it might fool many.
Keep as many files on stuff like this as you can so there is no guessing.

Plumber comment update: He said IF it was not connected to a vent (then it could be an s-trap). Didn’t see that at first. Also, still, he didn’t see pic. So…think it’s good.

Learn to check from the basement and ,attic/roofline.
I am sure you are fine.

I Note in the diagram the dimension required of twice the diameter of the trap is the inside measurement of the level between the upright pipe and the downward pipe so then a standard 1 1/4 in drain pipe would require a 2 1/2 in distance inside between pipes. I have always gone by 4 inches c to c but that is a little more positive. Thank you for the graphic.