New I beam and floor joists

Just wondering if this sounds normal to anyone? On my old wooden beam, my 2 x 10 floor joists were notched at the end to fit around the beam so that about a 4" long by 4" tall section rested on top of the beam and the rest was nailed into the beam and had a cleat along the bottom. Now that I have put in a steel I beam, the 4 x 4 section of the joist simply rests in top of the new beam and are not attached or tied in to the new beam anywhere. Doesn’t seem right to me. Any thoughts if this was done right? Thanks! (I’d post pictures but I don’t know how!)

Was it similar to this before you put in the steel beam?:

From this link:
Scroll down…It sounds like you removed the “cleat” (ledger), that was supporting the joists, when you put the steel I-beam in.