New Infrared Tool: FLIR TG267 at

Nikolai Gromicko of and Pietrina Mannino of FLIR discuss FLIR’s brand new TG267 Infrared camera. Make sure you keep your infrared inspections up to date with the latest gear! Visit today.

Watch this short video about the new FLIR TG267 tool for inspectors.


Did someone tried this camera? My old FLIR is dying and i was wondering if this can be used as both - thermal and regular (with decent focus and resolution)?

Ordered this one and it showed up today. Charged it, and it won’t even power up. This is my first flir, and the experience has been less then satisfactory. It only has 2 MB resolution for the reg camera, so I wouldn’t recommend it for photos other than thermal images.
Once I return it, I think I will look at other brands.

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Dave Flir has an excellent warranty. Send back and replace it I’ve never had a problem with any Flir product.

This is an old topic. I believe the perfect inspector’s thermal imager today is the phone CAT S62 with the new superior Lepton 3.5 module and 5.7" screen .

They are not responding to emails or phone calls, so for a first impression, I can’t recommend them. This is my first time dealing with them so even though they come highly rated, that has not been my experience.

Dave, I just had one delivered today that will not power on either. Of course no support on the weekends. Not giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling on its dependability. I bought it as a supplement but might be getting returned.

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Maybe a dumb question, but did you charge the battery?

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