New inspector looking for software

Hi all!

I will be certified in the next month or so. The biggest issue I’m having is writing professional sounding reports. I have also only manually completed mock reports without the help of software.

I am looking for the software that best fits me. I’ll be a one man operation and would prefer to own the software rather than paying a monthly fee. I want to be able to complete a report using my Android phone before I leave the site with pictures and video.

What do ya got?

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We have several vendors that let you try before you buy. Use the search feature in the upper right hand corner of this page.

For instance:

Kenton has a nice writeup on different software but I don’t have a link to his site just now.

Oh, here it is:

Software won’t create professional sounding reports. It’s a tool to help you, but you drive the bus. It packages your words and (possibly) photos together in a condensed and easy to read format. Learn to write a clear and descriptive narrative, as all report software will allow you to “save” or remember often-used narratives or sentences.

You should concentrate the report portion of your duties on narrative creation and report writing, and not necessarily on ease of creation, until you’ve strengthened your skill set.

After that, there are several “top-tier” choices to pick from. None are a perfect fit for every inspector, as we all have different perspectives.


Hi Seth. I was in the same boat as you. Like (Dominic) said, there is nothing out there that’s going to give you the word’s to use. I’ve been doing some free to try inspection software. 3D,
Inspector Pro and various others from the Internachi vendors. I’ve decided on “SnapInspect” out of New Zealand. It supports Apple and Android You can do reports from phone or tablet. If I remember correctly it works off line as well. The guy there “Sean” quoted me $300 up front then $49 per month. I know you want to own yours but I think the support is worth it. When you get to the web page move cursor to industries then select Home Inspections. Try it out. No credit card required. They even have a Report building service. Ask about it.
Even if you figure it out on your own “Request a Demo” There are some little tricks to help you. They will contact you by email for a time. In your reply ask for “Sean” Great guy, he will take all the time you need. Hope this helps. URL is -
If you have any questions I’ll be glad to help.

Hi guys, Im just starting out too with some questions.

Does Home Gauge and HIP both allow you to upload custom templates that others have created?

Also, is there any major differences between the two that might be beneficial to know starting out?

All the Best,

It’s hard to give advice when the question is what works for you. I finally broke down after writing my own for a few years and bought Home Gauge outright. I do not subscribe to their cloud service and I email my reports. Works for me. I also bought HG phone software, but to tell you the truth I never use it. I Take lots of pictures as notes and process the whole deal back at the office. Reports are issued within 24 hrs. Works for me.

I will point out, that if you want need to do something similar to what I do it helps to know your way around the software and that includes PDFs.

As pointed out by others the software won’t write the report for you, experience will. Don’t be shy about reading others sample reports on their websites to see how they word things. Personally I prefer “needs repair or replacement” to “defect.” Lets the Realtor decide what they’re going to negotiate…

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What is said above is very valid. You will evolve with your inspection reports and maybe even software. I very much like a “system” type report, vs “room by room”. I also like having a good summary (at the start for my reports) that I can use to communicate what are important items, vs what are more like maintenance items. My reports are very thorough and I found buyers can get bogged down with the little items and loose focus on what concerns are important to consider with their purchase decisions. I also found that a reporting system that allows me to take images on site and assign them to the concern right on site helped my report writing time significantly. My system is android based for the field work. I use a small tablet, although an android phone would also work. I finish the report in my office on a computer.

With that, I started with Home Inspector Pro but evolved to Home Hub Zone. HHZ is part of Home Guage now, but separate. I’d also consider Home Gauge if HHZ wasn’t available, but haven’t studied it thoroughly. HHZ is great for residential inspections, but for energy audits, infra red/blower door, and specialty inspections, HIP is better for customization. As a result, I do use both.

Writing your narrations takes time initially in any software. I had to rewrite my narratives when I switched from HIP to HHZ, so choosing software is a somewhat long lasting decision.

Seth, my best recommendation is to follow the trends in technology when it comes to selecting an operational software.

First of all, concentrate in your business, “Inspections”… let the software people take care of the software and it’s improvements. It is hard enough to ‘master’ the art of the field inspection, capturing wise observations that have to do with the good and the bad of all the dwelling systems, structures, roofs, plumbing, electric and so forth…

I nailed down my search to three applications, all promised the same line of solutions… I am sure U did not get the best of all, there is no such thing as ‘the best software’, but I put a lot, a lot of weight in the expertise that ‘the Creator’ if the software could offer me. Anyone can code an application, but do anybody knows the art of Home Inspections, dealing with Realtors to gain your orders, and satisfying the home owner’ expectations? I found that Carson Dunlop has previously written the “Text Book” most used in training all Inspectors un the USA. I am using Horizon and I am concentrating in doing inspections and making money to pay for the software fees. It is part of my cost structure…!

There has been many improvements throughout the first 10 months and I can see the improvement in the easiness to do my job and deliver shocking reports to my customers and realtors.

I also liked Spectora, very good presentation, I even thought of changing software platforms at the end of the year, but I am having second thoughts! The learning curve is steeped. What would be the benefit? I ask myself.

Instead, I plan to use my resources in developing other inspection services, Radon, Energy Audits… and reaching out to develop more loyal relationships with realtors that can feed me more business.

I also tried PalmTech… still Horizon winning, not for been the best software, is because I embrace my customers and my inspections with professionalism and the customers live me and the way I deliver my findings.

Best of luck, I hope this can help you make the best and wiser decision…!

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A realtor told me lately that she likes the inspection software her favorite inspector uses because it allows her to create a “repair list” from his inspection report (I think she was saying she had the ability to log in and do this) and then it made it easy to follow up to see that everything had been completed. Does anyone have any idea which program this might be?

Several do it, Homegauge & HIP for example.
I imagine it will be a “standard” feature from most vendors before too long.

Great - Thanks Dominic!

Check us out last.