New Inspector needs help with inspection agreement

I am about to become a new inspector and plan on officially starting my business in a couple weeks. I would like some advice on what people feel is the best method to get the pre-inspection agreement signed. For instance, emailing or mailing the agreement to them to mail back to you. Allowing them to print it from my website or Internachi’s website. Or maybe having them sign it on site right before the inspection begins. Any insight is appreciated!

Unless it was someone that I had done business with before, I never left my house without a signed agreement.

You can, email, fax (I know, whats a fax.) or whatever but if you are going to have them print it, have them do it from YOUR site so you get the SEO.

Good inspecting! :smile:

I use DocuSign there is a cost for the service but it is reasonable, the benefits are numerous, It places the inspection Agreement in thier hands fast, moments after the phone call. It notifies you when they have reviewed the document as well as sends notification they have signed it. I send it immediately so they have plenty of time to review it, typically I get them back with in an hour or so, not always but often, If I don’t hear back in 24 hours I follow up. In the world we live in today, people get email on their phones. Easy to read, initial and sign click complete and its done.


Nachi has an agreement delivery system, works well, and provides PIA delivery, along with digital signature.

ISN also handles this task., so there are many options to get it electronically signed.


My clients download the agreement from my website and return it to me before the inspection.

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Homegauge is set so the contract and invoice are sent and the customer signs it online. You get a notice that the contract is signed. Love that feature as there is no issue of " I didn’t have time to read the contract".
Being old school I also bring a paper copy to the inspection and also have that signed. It’s the same contract printed at the same time it was sent.
Hope that helps.

Dave Hackett


I use either the InterNACHi one with the digital signature, or email it. I also bring a hard copy for the client to sign. Sometimes the digital signature IMO looks suspect.

I myself and most of my guys (inspectors) use the InterNACHI agreemnt system which is great ! Luv it. One of my guys that is also an InterNACHI member uses a PDF to send that can also be signed on line. As long as he get’s agreemnt approved it’s fine but the InterNACHI on line agreemnt system is a good one- You can make as many custom agreemnt templates as you want for different uses.

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I use a hard copy. Maybe I’m old fashioned. I take two copies to the inspection and an envelope printed with their name and my business name and logo. They sign two copies and keep one and theirs goes in the envelope. When we meet at the inspection, we sit down and sign the agreement and I get paid. I’m sure the electronic way is easier but old habits die hard. runs your whole business including reporting.

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Hi Steven. Congratulations on your new start:):slight_smile: There’s several ways to go about it but I use InterNachi’s agreement and I use it within the ISN system. That’s “Inspection Service Network” that’s really a super functioning system integrated into my methodology. It can be emailed to them and It always work for me. I brought a hard copy once but I prefer that method but really, you can always do the way your customer prefers, after all, they do pay us :):):). Good luck buddy!

Look into the Inspectors Support Network (ISN). They provide a seamless delivery, tracking, payment, uploading reports etc.

I use Spectora, the agreement (InterNACHI’s) is sent out as soon as I book the inspection. I would advise taking a note from the old gaurd though. I always have a clipboard with hard copies of blank agreements in the truck. Best of luck Steven, being humble enough to ask for help means that you already have a large portion of the battle won!

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Please check your state requirements about timing.
In New Jersey:
“A home inspector shall send a pre-inspection agreement to a client or client’s representative, by mail, facsimile, email or other means of delivery, no later than one business day after the appointment for the home inspection is made. The pre-inspection agreement shall be executed prior to the start of the home inspection. “