New inspectors we need help!!!!

All newer inspectors we need your input.

I hope many of you know that this year in October, the Florida Home and Insurance inspectors Association of NACHI, will be putting on a large conference in Orlando. October is a tentative date it may end up being the end of August September were trying to find the best rates available that we can keep it costs to a minimum.

Here is a question that I have for new inspectors, can you please tell me what you would like courses on. Would you like a course on marketing, plumbing and electrical? Maybe something on report writing? Maybe something on equipment and techniques of the inspection?

In the best way to serve you, we need your input, so please reply to this thread and tell us what you would like to see.

If the conference starts on a Wednesday, what I am personally trying do is to get a house on Tuesday (the day before) and try and have the newer people come and inspect the house and we can compare notes, we can comparable what we found, and really have a good time and maybe learn something from each other. Yes or No?

We will do our best to facilitate your needs, the only problem is we don’t know what your needs are so fill us in and will do our darndest to make it happen.

Is this a conference for Florida inspectors?

For all NACHI members

I still consider myself new (about 3 yrs. inspecting part time). The things I would personally like to see are marketing (online vs. traditional), equipment and techniques, and report writing or report software. A mock inspection would be a great idea. I’m more of a hands on learner so this would be great for me to compare my notes with others. Thanks for your time.

We can also provide you with a WDO, a radon test, a wind mitigation and a roof certification. Mr. Hensel, we would be honored to inspect your home. The rates in Orlando are much cheaper than SW Florida.