Florida meeting for ALL Nachi inspectors.

When I first started in the business I went to a meeting at Howie in the hills or something like that. It was a bunch of guys trying to start an organization called HIAF…Home Inspector Association of Florida…it was a good bunch of guys. Day one we played golf, ate dinner and relazed…day 2 was an entire day dedicated to making the Florida Home Inspection industry in Florida better.

Would anyone be interested in something like this? I am not saying we start another organization. But what about really pushing the NACHI organization? Put our heads together…I know there are some smart people in the group and within the state. We can think of additional avenues of revenue.

One I want to go after is the installation of Radon Mitigation Systems…these idiots cause more harm then good and no one watches over them. Maybe we can get numerous people to go to Tallahassee and fight this…maybe get NACHI inspectors and the qualified and preferred WIND MIT inspectors…there are so many things we can do together and I would love to be a part of it.

Good idea or bad idea? Let me know.

Russel, I think it is a good idea. There are allot of smart Inspectors here and getting together to run ideas by each other would be benificial to all. I would like to be part of making NACHI Inspectors the obvious choice. I have learned much in that atmosphere.

I am all for “maybe get NACHI inspectors and the qualified and preferred WIND MIT inspectors” and it will likely keep people in the organization, if we are preferred WIND MIT inspectors that are not subject to re-inspection.

There are a few out there already claiming their wind mits will not be reinspected.

I think you have a great idea, Though we have the Florida InterNACHI and multiple subchapters throughout the state. I have been considering forming a chapter in my area, Take all of the chapters and organize a meeting that takes place in the various areas, Hosting if you will. So us east coasters shlep over to the west coast and vice versa all under the umbrella of The Fla InterNACHI.

This would give the group a voice and idea from the entire state, making it more powerful and knowledgeable

I am sure we are not the first to speak on the matter and would hope a voice from above would chime in on the subject.

Ken we can do that any time…but I am thinking a Semi Annual or Annual meeting in Florida…An entire weekend…maybe 1 day fun…1.5 days work…

Why do we need the power to be to chime in? We are adults and free thinkers. The problem that I see in “chapters” is that it is “tight lipped”. Do you want to REALLY help the guy 2.5 miles away from you? So they get together, have a beer, listen to a speaker, but never really accomplish anything…from my experience. The education is good, but getting your direct competition to help…well its not so common. Just my opinion. Let me know your views.

Russell, I guess I fall victim to a less aggressive nature. I kinda do want to help the guy around the corner out with the assumption that he would do the same for me. I know that attitude is not going to make me another million but it makes me happy. I would think that we have elevated ourselves to a professional status with a better reputation than REALTORS, contractors and attorneys ( no offense John, there are many exceptions) and I would think we could conduct ourselves accordingly.

But you do make a good point in reality. And I see where you are going with it. And I Like it. So lets Post a poll to see how many would attend, and the question is WHERE? If we get good response then we poll location I guess, Orlando, Ft Meyers, or Palm Beach is the triangle.

And if we do it in the winter, I be Nick would jump at the chance to get out of CO

Center state would be the smartest choice…Orlando is kinda touristy…but doesn’t matter to me. I am game for anywhere…Just doing nothing usually leads to getting nothing…

Russel even if there aren’t allot interested to start I am still interested.

I am going to email Zoe right now, I think she will have some ideas on getting this up and running.

I am in too…even if it starts out small. Hell maybe better small…who knows. it will be quality people…:wink:

Russsel small starts leed to a good base. I would like a network of guys I could trust.

Ok so lets start the sign up on this thread while we work out the details, I emailed Zoe already.

I am in

Well I dont think I need to say it…but I am in.

I will be in and

Already working on having nachi inspectors as on the preferred list and doing citizens re-inspections.

Anything I can do to help John?

Im in too.Anyone interested in joining preferred network can begin by joining John’s chapter"Florida Insurance Inspectors", and expressing your interest. We will be posting Registration directions and requirements soon.

I hope that you guys can make it work. The last time the Space Coast Chapter had a meeting we had 8 inspectors show. There were 2 from Tampa, 4 from Orlando, 1 from vero and myself.

The Orlando Chapter used to have about 30 to 40 people at each event. The only problem was I couldn’t find an affordable place to hold the meetings.

The best Chapter meeting I ever attended was the first in Ft. Lauderdale. There was over 100 people there. Harvey Gordon really knew how to put together an event.

I have never attended one of Zoe’s meetings, but I have heard from others that she does a great job.

I will be glad to help in anyway I can. Just let me know.

Will ya be able to charge more than $50?

Yes, better than 50$

Just got an email back from Zoe and a state meeting is in the plans. Looks like two meetings a year in one nice spot for meetings and education ( and fun).

I think it would help if we started to make a list of what we would like to see at the meeting as far as education, topics and networking opportunities. or whatever else will be beneficial.

I would say a wind mit class would be in order ( we should get together a list of those common questions gray area items)