Upcoming InterNACHI Convention

**Florida Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter **

2012 InterNACHI Convention
August 16-19
Orlando Florida

Now that we have the What, When, & Where out of the way.

I am on the education commitee, I know what my stengths and weaknesses are but not yours. So I want some input from the people that are going to be filling the seats. What kind of training would YOU like to see, after all it’s for you.

We are thinking: Electrical, Pools, and of course Wind Mits

Looking forward to seeing all of you there:grin:

Is nobody interested in the convention?
122 views and no posts, come on guys jump in here

Hey Bruce,

Great to see there will be another convention in Orlando. However after living there for 6 years and coming from England I can tell you Orlando and epically I Drive is not a good place to be August. That is when the schools in Europe are shut down and the family’s come to Orlando for there vacations the hotels are at there peak so that is when they have the highest prices. The traffic is a nightmare so if you try staying outside of the I drive hotels it will be no fun trying to get out of there. If you can a better time would be after the 2 week of September as all the schools in Europe have gone back.

Boat docks could be a good topic as well

August is not a good time…
Business is too busy…
November or February…

We originally had last week of January
which is also good…

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

It is a great time for southern inspectors. Winter is my busy time and summer is slow. Different parts of the country have different seasons. We did not want to book the same time as other people and put it on at the same time and make people choose.

Maybe we can alter the times, maybe this year in the summer and next year in the winter. We did think that if WE did it in the summer, inspectors can come and bring their families so they can stay busy while the inspector is in class.

Great ideas and the input is awesome. Keep it coming.

Other People?

casey and Omalley

I thought this thread was for a National Convention…
Not a Florida Convention…

and who are they?

It is for a National Convention. ANY inspector can come. But what we have to do is feel out the process. Michelle Shishilla, Pilar Halstead, John, Preston, Larry, Bruce, Aubrey, Myself are new to this (sorry if I forgot other names) and we cannot make it happen in Ohio, none of us live there, so it would not be a possible feat.

We are trying to find ways to give the inspector a GREAT experience without breaking the pocket book. All I do know is that all the profits go to the chapter to make it a better palce for inspectors. It will be put on by inspectors, to help inspectors for the better future of inspectors…

As we learn and get our feet wet and I am sure we will venture out to other areas and venues.

Sorry, once again this is brought to you by VOLUNTEERS that have families, business’s to run and build and yet take time to build a better future for you…

Ideas are still welcomed from all venues to include Canada and all people are welcome…


Stucco would be good too.

Harvey Gordon had a Chapter Meeting in Florida that I attended,
(a few years back) …
where the topic was Bulkhead and Dock Inspections,
It was an awesome presentation…

ty for the input…

If you haven’t been the Orange County Convention Center is an AWESOME place. It affords the inspectors with a great venue and your families with tons to do in the area while we keep you busy. Lots of conference attendees book their hotel for extra days and make it into a family vacation.

Does nobody want to learn?
How about a** TPR** class? Maybe we can see if the mythbuster will come and blow something up:D

I want to learn…

How about…Mold classes?