New InterNACHI Inspector hats are in! $7

Nice . . .
Consider, before anybody designs things, running it past some of us.
My input would be:
Have the Inachi logo, followed by the word “Home”
Then Inspector in 2nd line.
I’d buy 6.

Not many people need their INACHI Inspected . . .

how about some good quality hooded sweatshirts?

I get my InterNACHI serviced once a month.:mrgreen:

My wife inspects my InterNACHI, maybe I will buy a hat for her !

2 are on the way…will report back once I have them.

Newlywed, huh?:roll:

You’re still lucky . . . :mrgreen:

Yeah …but with the new longer name nobody thinks you work for Frito Lay .

They look to be good quality hats. Anyone get theirs yet?