Free Certified Master Inspector caps. Order yours now.

Shipping is free also.

Charges me shipping when I key it in via inspector outlet. I will take one.

Give me a minute, I’ll fix it so that shipping is free.

Fixed. Shipping is now free also.

Just order one. Thanks!!

I’m going to work on CMI shirts and jackets next.

Wearing mine right now. Get yours for free:

Looking forward to signing up and being approved so I can received those too. Great work guys

Thanks Nick, much appreciated.

I am going to put the small sticker on my Hard Hat. I have heard that some are not using a Hard Hat so I will not open a discussion on safety but just say. Stay safe HI’s.

Nice! Thanks Nick!You’re the man!:slight_smile:
Who doesn’t like free ****?

Nick, Thank you!

This is the best of the best association on the planet!
My only hope is, I have more years to enjoy it!

A Big Thank You to the staff of InterNACHI,

Alfred no matter what keep a positive attitude, smile whenever possible and keep busy. It will add years to your life.

“This is the best of the best association on the planet!”

That’s because it has the Gromicko brothers running it.

Agreed I am looking forward to meet Ben personally like I have met Nick. Without Ben I don’t think I would have stuck with InterNachi.

We’re letting the orders pile up and then we’ll ship them all at once next week. More efficient.

Amazing, Nick!
I was just looking at my noggin in the rear view mirror as I was driving to today’s inspection, thinking about our NACHI tan & blue caps from years ago, and thinking about submitting a CMI cap design to you!!
Gotta get up pretty early to beat Nick to the game . …

All CMI caps are being shipped this afternoon. Caps to Canadian CMIs will likely arrive in a week or so.