New interNACHI logo suggestion..

Hey Guys and Gals…here is my suggestion for the new NACHI logo…


I like it!

Nice, Paul;
I only wonder how well it may reproduce on business cards, shirts, etc, where it may be too “busy” to show up clearly?

Just asking . . .

Looks Good. Shows World Dominance

Maybe a logo design contest for NACHI should be included with the other contest.

Ditch the globe. Keep it simple.

The existing NACHI log has industry recognition. Let’s keep it. Just add the small “inter” if you must…

David…the globe was my doing…just playing with the logo…not something I would guess NACHI is doing…just me playing around with graphics.

Your entitled to make your suggestions.

Since NAHI has already put a huge victory spin on the settlement agreement to their members, I would hope that we change as little as possible to minimize the evidence they will try to use to show how right they think they were.

Or NACHI could spin it and say…Thank You NAHI for making the world aware that NACHI is a global presence and the need for INTER added to the logo to show an example of world dominance WAS indeed needed and we thank you for making that clear…:wink:

I am ready for the globe.


Yeah…do the nachi logo like I did and under the words NACHI…in small letters but in quotes…" NACHI…Think Global "

Paul, it looks like you cut off the Pacific Northwest, that may upset some.

Just kidding, I like it.