NACHI acquires use of InterNACHI logo. New tagline adopted today.

See top left of any page of

Looks Great, Nick !!!

I think it is the best looking logo in the world. Nice job Chris!

We also adopted a new tagline: “Inspecting the world”

We also changed the search engine (located above the logo) to international which is Canadian friendly (postal codes, provinces, kilometers) and which has an automated phone notification system which now works in over 70 foreign countries.

Go PlanetNACHI!!!


We just opened a chapter in India today. I’ll announce once we get it goin’.

Is there any where it is available with more detail .
When I try to blow it up to Letter size it is not as clear as I would like it .
Doing a show next month and would love to Put a couple on the Booth .
Thanks… . Cookie

High-RES versions will be up within the next few days… I’ll probably have something sooner but I want to tweak the files so they’re widely compatible with other software before I do the work to replace all our logo files.

Thanks Chris as per usual you are on top . Thanks … Cookie

Great job as always, Chris!

Could you please tidy up the quote marks a bit?
Closer, smaller, & raise the right (close) quote mark . . .


The quote marks make it grab your attention the way they look at this time. Think about it.

OK, I’ve thought about it, and it grabs my attention as much as:

i be a hom inspektr

:wink: :roll:

Changes look good

Just a question is this part of the copyright lawsuit??


Indirectly, as we wanted to distance ourselves from a similarly named association who is the lone hold-out on the major ethics issue of preferred vendor schemes and behind the ASTM crap. (ASHI and NACHI opposed to both schemes). As the Minneapolis association fell behind in terms of membership numbers, benefits, and ethics (an important consumer issue for NACHI)… it became more important for us to put distance between us and them.

However, long, long, long before they came along we incorporated the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. We also registered the domain name back in 2003, held an InterNACHI logo contest where the members voted to determine the winner (this new logo is very close to the winning logo in terms of concept) and revealed our plans and progress in going international many times on this message board over the past 5 years.

I think our new logo is HOT!!!

Thanks Nick

I didn’t like the closeness of the two orgs

But the old NACHI will never be forgotten

Is INACHI proper to be used or should it be InterNACHI??

Lemons into Lemonade


Nick, Will we need to switch out the NACHI logo on our web sites and marketing material any time soon?

FANTASTIC job, Chris. But I’d like to see this in full color also.

I doubt we’ll release one in full-color. There are some logos that were designed to be 2- or 3-color process (or even CMYK) and there are some that were designed to be single color. This is definitely a single color logo, and I think putting color in it would just cheapen it.

IMO it would look much better if the InterNACHI banner were dropped and the INTER NACHI[size=2] put back inside the house. [/size]**

It looks like we’re going to be all over the world now and so we have to start thinking about us in 100 years from now.

We’ve only just begun.

If I am still a member when I am 153 years old, can I have a discount? :mrgreen: