New IRC 2021 Code + Commentary books are out. Getcha one

I would guess there are some code nerds like me out there. This is my first set of code+commentary and all I have to say is the difference is night and day. I’ve got all the IRCs back to 2012 and this set (there’s two books), although expensive, is hands down the way to go if anyone is looking to buy the updated code.

The commentary is fantastic and I have been adding bits and pieces into my report comments to give both the clients and builders (I do mostly new construction with a few resales in between) a deeper understanding of why I am calling out the deficiencies.

But wait, there’s more! The commentary includes a ton of illustrations that are NOT in the standard code books. Illustrations that I have been snapping photos of and including in my reports as well.

The price tag is steep but this has really improved my reporting and I feel as though the investment is well worth the cost. Definitely consider upgrading if you ever do warranty, final, or pre-drywall inspections!

Thanks casey.
I can not find IRC 2021 Code and Commentary. Commentary and Illustrations are a great idea. Link please.

2021 International Residential Code Paperback not bad at $196.92.

Here’s where I bought mine:

The ICC store is a bit of a mess to navigate. Actually I don’t see the books there right now, just the digital subscription:

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Single License From $198.00. Not bad.

Who has adopted 2021? I guess you are ready for the future :thinking:

Austin adopted 2021 in September last year.

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