Lead Based Paint Certification?????

Hi, I know that this may seem odd, however I would love some different opinions on whether other HI’s are considering or are going to get certified to do lead based paint testing? I am considering it, but for some reason am having reservations about the entire issue. I estimate it will cost me 1000 dollars just to get my certification from the state for one year, then roughly 800 every year to the state for my license (can you say tax). Then you must take a refresher course every three years. I believe there is earning potential, but keep in mind the figures I stated before does not include any special equipment, just the right to do bulk testing. I guess I just wanted to see what other inspectors are doing? Thanks.

Not at this time.
Can’t see much of a calling.
Painters, remodels, etc must be certified.
Everyone will be doing inspections for lead

I became a lead based paint supervisor in Wisconsin about a year and a half ago. I don’t know how other states work, but here HI’s are credentialed by the Department of Commerce. Lead based paint is credentialed by the Department of Health and Family Services. So for the state, it’s another revenue stream.

I thought by getting the certification I would be able to pull lead wipe samples for clients that may be concerned about LBP. I was wrong. That requires up to 3 additional credentials from DHFS depending on the level of sampling you wish to take.

Do your homework.

Our free, online course is coming soon and we expect to be awarded EPA approval.


Nick & Evan:
A recent article on Realty Track talked about an EPA regulation starting 4/22 that will require any contractor doing remodeling in homes built before 1978 require them to go through a course:
Remodeling a Home Built Before 1978 Requires a Certified Lead Contractor
by Phoebe Chongchua:

“The new regulation issued in 2008 is rapidly approaching the certification deadline for contractors. The regulation requires contractors to take an eight-hour training course which includes a PowerPoint presentation, hands-on training, and a 25-question quiz. The training is designed to show workers how to handle and contain hazardous lead-based debris. If lead-based debris/dust gets into the air and is breathed in or ingested, it can cause severe health issues.”

Is this what this discussion is about?

I was thinking of the certification myself, however, from what I understand, if you use an XRF detector, they are very expensive to purchase and then calibrate/recharge annually.

I haven’t decided if I will pursue the certification.

Just my two cents


I have my certification but that is also because I am a GC… if not for that I would not bother with it. You can hire a person with an XRF machine to examine the whole house… trust me, its not worth it if you think you need it to do LBP test…quite frankly many of the field test kits are not accurate and you are only doing a selected spot. From what I recall there is currently only one kit that is approved…we had several false negatives during our field tests.

If you know anything about using LBP then it is very possible to have one section of a room or inparticular trim show up with LPB and another section test negative.

Spend the money on marketing…