New logo for Better Homes Inspection and Maintenance

A new logo can make your business look as professional as you are. If you need help updating your current logo, or need a brand new one contact me here.

I ran across this the other day and was pretty impressed. This is the best designed inspector page that I have run across so far hands down. I cannot judge the content of a home inspectors page, but this is visually a very appealing site. Content is sorted very well, plenty of white space and limited text make it look readable and user friendly. Last but not least, the logo is right at home where it belongs (granted the P is a bit clipped, but that’s just me nitpicking). Once you have a logo it should be utilized in as many forms as necessary. On your site, your card, your truck, your forms, your brochure. Establish a visual identity and people are more likely to remember your company name. If you need help with marketing contact

One of your better logos.

I wonder what it’s like to be a non-member. It must be like getting a flat tire on the way to the garage to get your spare tire repaired.

Justin designed that site himself. I agree, it looks great! And it corresponds with his print marketing:

Thanks Guys! Yes it was a little bit of a learning curve but in the end I learnt some valuable stuff! I appreciate the kind words.

Great logo Levi!