New Logo for Inspector-Mike (Help me make a decision)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the InterNACHI message board. Can Y’all help me make the decision? I’m gonna change the type text around a little but I’m resigning my logo.
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You’re a red guy.

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Use all three! Each would look good on different materials. The last perhaps for some polo shirts with dark fabrics. The first for business cards, maybe the second for letterheads or invoices. You will need one version for your reports. Switch them up they’re all good lookin’.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing on the message board.

A logo design should be set up as a vector-based rather than a raster-based file. A raster file is built out of pixels so, when you make the image larger or smaller it becomes blurry. A vector file is based on resolution-independent points so that you can scale the image without losing resolution. A vector file is an EPS, AI, or PDF file.

Any time I want to check how well a logo is working I swap it to black and white and scale it down so that it is smaller than a thumbprint. If I can read everything at that scale and size and the image is clear, it’s technically a functional logo. A good logo (a step above functional) should have a name and image that have a clear and obvious relationship and be distinguishable from all of your competitors. You want to reinforce Inspector Mike.

I would also pick one specific set of colors since branding is about consistency. When I post the logos here I am always using the inspector’s set group of colors. Those colors are carried through the rest of the marketing. The way that people recognize you is by the colors that you use in the logo, so the colors are a branding tool.

While drop shadows and gradients were a thing that folks did back in the early 90s, they dropped out of favor because they are raster effects that do not scale and cannot be recreated in all forms of print. For example, an embroidery company cannot use the thousands of stitches to create a gold light-to-dark gradient, they might have gold thread, but for that, they would need a single color file to set that up.

Here is a link to the logos that we have set up. This is a link to a mess of professional work that also adheres up to those rules Behance The more clean and simplified the graphic is, the easier it will be to work within the long run.

Hopefully all of that was helpful. Good luck.


… and that’s why you get paid the Big Bucks. You know what you’re talking about.

These are the file formats that I will have:

Actually, I was going to go with the InterNACHI design services. I really was. You all do very good work but I decided to take the logo that I designed and submit it to another company to polish it up for me.

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