New Main panel - possible undersized wire for breaker -need advice

Compared to the 12 AWG next to it they look like 10 AWG to me.

I can’t remember every seeing solid 8 AWG in residential.

I see #10 (orange cable) at top left, that appears to terminate at a different breaker than one that’s been questioned. These photos are hard to view for detail.

#8 would be quite a bit larger than 12. Look at photo 1.

Considering they used the same photo for #6 AWG cable I would guess that the photos are inaccurate. :wink:

May be. But they still manufacture 8/3 solid copper NM and it’s available at Lowe’s, HD, and several other locations.

Article 310 requires #8 and larger to be stranded. Bare #8, 6 and #4 are the few exceptions.

That link does not say solid conductors. I doubt it was written by someone with electrical knowledge.

I think the pictures are misidentified.

Thanks everybody on the feedback…the client is going to send out a licensed Electrical Contractor…I will get back on what the contractor says…