New Main panel - possible undersized wire for breaker -need advice

The house is built in 2006
200 amp main panel
The house is occupied in great condition.

I seen what looks like #10 wire connected to 45amp breaker. The panel
has that breaker assigned to the Oven…

My understanding is that a #10 wire is use for a 30 amp breaker.

Is this a recommend further evaluation by an electrician? Or does it
look ok.?

Need advice…hopefully the pictures are ok…Photobucket changed
the way you resize the photo’s…


Fire hazard.

30 A for 10 AWG restistive load.

Thanks Michael…

I agree with this statement :wink:


You said ‘what looks like #10’…was it #10 or #8?


I thought that too but from the photo it appears to be solid so that means that it won’t be a #8.

Does anybody ever trace the neutrals when dealing with mini’s? I see one twin that is labeled kitchen for both and the conductors are red and black.


edited to avoid confusion:

Why do you say that?

What if it’s sharing the same neutral?


Why do you say that?

What if it’s sharing the same neutral.


Explain how that is a problem.

I’m pointing out that both of these conductors are on a twin breaker.


You are probably right to be concerned. Do you have the code reference?

It would be if they were sharing a neutral and are both fed from the same leg. Notice that this appears to be tandem breaker.

If this is two single pole breakers they would need a handle tie.

Number 8 and larger are stranded. Since someone said it is solid that would limit it to a #10 or smaller.

Yes I agree. They need to be on 2 legs not one as shown. My error.


8-3 Indoor Non-Metallic