New mask mandates, lock downs coming?

They did it last selection, I wonder if new lock downs and plandemics are in our near future?

There is ample evidence now that masks, lockdowns, and vaccines for that matter, had no impact on the spread of COVID. If anything, they did significantly more harm than good, with the exception of vaccines helping to keep the most vulnerable people out of the hospital. I hope that anyone recommending masks and lockdowns at this point gets shouted down for being an idiot.


Absolutely! :+1: :us:

Alex Jones is claiming that a tsa whistle blower told him to expect full mask mandates, lock downs and restrictions again by the end of the year, based on a “new, deadlier” version of covid coming out of Canada…
We’ll see!

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The really interesting factoid about lockdowns is that they are essentially the brain child of a 14 year old girl, Laura M. Glass.

After all, when I want my pandemic solutions, I look to people who are younger than my underwear. The breadth of her hypothetical knowledge on the subject is vast and deep. She even invented a hypothetical town and school and ran hypothetical numbers and came up with a hypothetical dystopian solution that would hypothetically prevent the spread of a disease. Of course, it’s all hypothetical. Good luck next time Laura.

Read about it here.

AJ broke the news…


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WOW! Looks like they already have the new (death) jab for the upcoming plandemic planned for mid September. SMH.

I loved the mask deal. I could go into the store and get my stuff and get out without having to get stuck talking to an acquaintance for a half hour, lol. Also didn’t have to worry if I had something stuck in my teeth.

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The (any major media outlet) is an American far-(left/right) fake news website. The website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories. :shushing_face:


And those who read post should know, investigate and make their own decisions. Your welcome to fact check any site I post and bring it to the attention of readers here.

Fact check on gurgle??? LOL :laughing: :joy: :joy:

Okay, this is how Wikipedia came to it’s conclusion labeling TGP as right wing fake news. This is one excerpt. Most of the “fake news claims” based on this criteria.

n July 2021, a spokesperson for Google said that the company had demonetized The Gateway Pundit 's homepage and some of its articles, stating: "We have strict publisher policies that prohibit content promoting anti-vaccine theories, COVID-19 misinformation, and false claims about the 2020 U.S. Presidential election – and our enforcement can be as targeted as demonetizing a specific page.

We now have Presidential candidates with strong opinions on both election fraud and vaccine policy. Shall they be “purged” from the system by the media tech giants?

Let me add how carefully worded this Wikipedia article is about CNN fake news. Does it say left wing fake news outlet? Never. See bias where it lives.

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Hmmm :thinking:

In other words they were telling the truth about the plandemic and the stolen selection… so gurgle and Big Tech/DS guberment labeled them “fakenews”.

Fact check

And it’s your prerogative to believe whatever any site post. Problem is, too many do.

Problem is too many people are brainwashed by OP Mockingbird media and DS guberment Big Tech. HUUGGGE problem.

You set a fine example… :joy:


Right! Too many people believe wikipedia and politifact as unbiased straight facts. I am just cautioning anyone who considers them to be the “standard of truth”.