New Multi-Inspector Feature: Course Recommendations

Hi folks!

Based on member requests, we’ve just added a new feature for company managers. You can now recommend our online courses for your employees to take, and track their progress. You’ll find it on your dashboard under the “My Company” link.

Contact us if you need help adding your employees to your multi-inspector account.

Employees will see a link on their dashboard to view the courses you’ve suggested for them. Let us know if you have any more suggestions for your company!


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Nice Tim!.. :+1:

More tips for multi-inspector firm owners at

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Nice, thanks for the new feature and the information.

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I would love help in setting up this new Multi-Inspector Feature

Nicole Bennett - Northwood Home Inspections, Vancouver BC Canada

Welcome to our forum, Beni!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Beni, just write and she’ll set you up with a multi-inspector account.