New OIR-B1-1802 ?

Does anybody have a copy of the new wind mit form that has the checkbox for state licensed home inspector on the signature page they would like to share?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi John,
That form does not exist yet. For the moment write your information under “other” and provide your home inspector license no.

any idea when it’s coming out?
Great time Friday - thank you so much for all your efforts!

Nope don’t have any idea… we hear it is in the works but that is it.

Where did I get this?

If you look at the revision date on that form it is 2/10. It is the same as the current revision. Someone must have typed that in. It is not an “official” revision.

I have that one too !

Here it is in PDF --you cannot save after you put in the info

The form looks great but I would be hesitant using it as it does not appear to be the “official approved” form. That could be the excuse that an underwriter could use to reject the report. With that said, the official form cannot be altered until the OIR has official public hearings and workshops on any changes for the form. Then the form would be changed via a “rule” developed by the OIR. Currently,- if I am not mistaken- GOV. Scott has suspended rule making for governmental departments until his office and review the rule making process. Even so, the rule making process is cumbersome and can take a lengthy time to institute changes on forms. (usually 6 months or more). I would be surprised if a revised 1802 forms shows up any time soon.


Thanks Steve, was not aware of the “Offical Form” . I have been using this and none kicked back so far but I check off the General Contarctor portion of the form that may be the reason why I have not had any kicked back. Thanks again for pointing that out.

I agree with Michelle not the official form.

Now you can, but again, apparently, this isn’t the legal form. Gov Scott is probably trying to figure out a way where he can make money off of every document, before he allows any rule making to take effect!:mrgreen:

Eric–Thanks !

Some inspectors provided us with a similar “unofficially” modified form and we made it available in our software – however, we’ve taken it back out (after 2 days) because State Farm was rejecting it immediately.

We were also leery of it because it still had the 02/10 date, but were willing to let people use it because of this post on OIR’s website.

8/5/2010: Legislative Changes to the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form

We’re keeping a close eye on this, as some of our inspectors need the proposed changes. If we find out more, I’ll post here.

None of the links showed anything when I clicked on them. Not sure if it is just me or the link.

worked for me Mike

1 st one worked for me but not the second. It is coming up blank for me.

Hmmm – Not sure why those links didn’t work for you…

If you go to the main OIR site @ and click Newsroom, then “Informational Memoranda” – it’s the PDF link with the title “Legislative Changes to the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form

As I understand it, the governor suspended rulemaking for those departments that are under his direct control. The OIR comes under the control of DFS who is under the CFO. The governor and the CFO are both cabinet members. I’m not positive, but I don’t this applied to the OIR.

The process for the new form as it was explained to me is as follows:

!.- Public meetinf/forum conducted by the OIR (Took place in September)
2.- Cabinet Meeting (I have no information on this as yet)
3.- 2nd public meeting/forum by the OIR (No info yet)
4.- 2nd cabinet meeting for final approval of form with effective date (no info yet)

I actually got an 1802 like that e-mailed to me by the OIR when they were setting up for the meeting on the form in September. It was apparently sent by mistake, recinded immedeatly by the sender and they asked that it be distroyed.