New Florida 1802 wind/Mit Form

It appears that the new 1802 Wind/Mit form was approved on march 9th.

Link to the form:

The new form begins on page 7.

Does anyone know when implementation will be required for inspections?


Richard Thurman

April 2010

thanks for that that information. I Had not been able to find any information about when it went into effect on either the DFS, OIR or MSFH websites.

Greg, give me a call when you get a chance. I have some news.

come on Steve don’t leave us hanging:D

This form still makes numerous references to the My Safe Florida Program. There seems to be a Catch 22 (on going) regarding those who possess qualifications. Florida has made every effort to divorce themselves from any involvement since being threatened with lawsuits and dissolving the Program but continue to mentions and use it as the ONLY qualifying resource for anyone outside the “list” of people deemed qualified by their professional licenses. I doubt you will find many architects doing wind mit inspections. They also use the term “home inspectors” several times throughout the body of report and documents yet the term does not appear on the list of those deemed capable of doing the inspections. It appears that if someone was not trained by the MSFH (WCE) program they are basically SOL trying to get in on Wind Mitigation but if they are a licensed contractor they can go out and do all they want without any further training. I don’t recommend it but there it is. Typical Florida State run program. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing and someone somehow has influenced the State to do things their way to the detriment of the consumer and about as clear as mud.

Bruce and All, go to to see the latest changes in proposed bills- specifially SB-648 and HB-663(see line 1730). Look at the sections addressing FS 627.711. I think you will like the changes. Some entities (special interests, MSFH inspectors, contractors, insurance companies, architects, and engineers) will not like the changes. After viewing the proposed changes, contact your local reps and senators and ask that they support the changes.

Very Nice!!!

I must be doing something wrong I keep getting a bill that has to do with elevators. Anybody got a link

Bruce, That is the correct bill. Keep reading. SB-648 and HB-663. Make sure to look at the latest version (should be labeled as CS- Committee Substitute)

Go to line 1730

I wonder where the 2 hours of training has to come from? Hopefully the certificate from the University of Florida will be accepted.

and when does this get voted on?:smiley:

Or the iNachi Wind Mit training. I went through a couple of training programs (a day long) for two separate WCEs that were rudimentary at best. We never did get any jobs from them as I think the majority of those State funded inspections took place in south - central FL. I haven’t taken the iNachi program yet but did look it over and it far exceeds anything I saw in the other two “training programs”.

Someone is working on getting the NACHI wind mit course recognized as approved training. And yes, it is much more detailed than other courses.

How exactly do any of you intend to find out when the plans were accepted by the local jurisdiction and what code they met? That question is on the form. This is an accident waiting to happen. If you are filling this form out after april you better be answering unknown a lot!

Here in Hillsborough County we can research when the permit was issued.

Brian, I agree this new form is terrible. So many things are going to be next to impossible to do accurately. Does anyone know if it is definitely going into effect or not? I think it will cause many more problems than the current one. Does anyone know what our liability is regarding these? Can people come after us if they find our interpretation wrong. If so then the OIR should provide a Phone number or website where we can get definite answers.

I have heard they will be going after our insurance and possible prosecutions for fraud moving foward.

Yeah, I wouldn’t do them.