Revised OIR-B1-1802....

Just received this email…

*A technical change has been made to the footer on Page 1 of the OIR-B1-1802 to reflect the language used on Pages 2-4. The change is highlighted below:

*This verification form is valid for up to five (5) years provided no material changes have been made to the structure or inaccuracies found on the form.

Attached is a copy of the revised form filed with the Secretary of State which should be used for inspections from this date forward.

Any questions should be emailed to Cindy Walden at

Thank you,

Cindy Walden
Government Analyst I
Office of Insurance Regulation
Property & Casualty Product Review
(850) 413-2616 (Phone)
(850) 922-3865 (Fax)*

…I’m having trouble attaching the revised form (the attachment with the email). Seems to be too large of a file size. When I figure it out, I post it…unless someone else does it first.

Here is a copy of the form attached.

Here it is in PDF format…

Thank you, Michelle.

:slight_smile: We got everyone covered!

What difference does it make. All of the reinspections and 1/2 of the previous inspections are not even on the original doc and they are accepted daily.


Who the hell gives them the right to make any changes without a VOTE?

That wording is just as important as the rest.

I think the people should speak up because they are just trying to slide this in and no one voted or approved it.

How about putting back the verbage that said only visible and accessiable features need to be photographed.


I am sure you will all just follow along and do it with no complaints. Sheep.

You certainly will do nothing but cry like a little girl. If you think it is bad then do something. We are discussing it and weighing options.

What is it you are? “are discussing it and weighing options.”

You are not gonna be able to do crap.

and by the way…

Blow me sheep

Thank you Michelle.

or inaccuracies found on the form.

Based on what/who. There is not any:

  1. Manuel, instruction booklet translating the definition of each question
    2)An appeals board to define the intent of each question
    3)The old forms definition verus the new form (e.g. 3 nails, 4 nails)
    4)How can the form reference the FBC and then ignore it on other questions
    5)Source for reference

Define inaccuracies:


/ɪnˈækyərəsi/ Show Spelled[in-ak-yer-uh-see] Show IPA
noun, plural in·ac·cu·ra·cies for 1. 1. something inaccurate; error.

  1. the quality or state of being inaccurate.

***Origin: ***
1750–60; in-3 + accuracy


  1. mistake, blunder, slip, inexactitude. 2. incorrectness, erroneousness, inexactness.

So now a misspelling, wrong date, typo, etc… will cause the form to be null and void. What if the form is changed within the 5 years and the newer form makes the older form question answers inaccurate.

The folks running the O.I.R. should be locked up.
At the very least fired.

But why do you all think “Inaccuracies” are just one way? What if we can find them in FAVOR of the client?

Reinspectors DO NOT use the form.

The crap they do is absolutely asinine and mostly useless.

I have first hand knowledge as I have witnessed it live and seen many of the reinspection forms that my clients contact me to fight.

He sucks, she sucks, they all suck…looks like the insurance mission of getting rid of the form is working.


I seem to remember saying that very thing…several times!
New form ready to go…:wink:

I don’t understand why you want to whine and moan all the time, if you don’t like it go back to stucco work.
The verbage you are complaining about has always been on the other 3 pages, to include page 4, the signature page.

It is crazy to get upset about this change. If the inspection is wrong it should be rejected. Those of us who do accurate inspections will benefit from this.

As a professional inspector accuracy is our duty. John says it best, “I fill out a form.” No emotion. For every incident where an insurance company makes a mistake there are two where inspectors purposely lied on a wind mitigation and three where the inspector did not know how to do the inspection.

This forum needs an area for those who need to cry can do so in private.

Resistance is futile