What flashlights is the best? I have used stream light which are great but pricy. Currently using a Klutch but the button is fidgity and I should take it back to Northern, add that to my list. I always have several back up led flashlights which are battery operated.
I just seen the New G700 for about $50 has anyone used this one?
To each his own but… I seen a fellow inspector using one of those monster shiner lights while he did an inspection, you know the ones, 1,000,000 candlelight or whatever. To me it seemed a little cheesy. (This was because I was performing an appraisal while the Home inspection was being performed). Happy New Year everyone!

I bought this one day when it was on sale at Amazon for about $12.

A too good to be true price.

The batteries(Ultrafire 18650) failed after one charge cycle but I loved the light so much I bought replacement cells that cost more than the orginal package price.

The light with the new cells is fantastic and has become my go to torch.

I still have two streamlight rechargeables but seldom use them. They were $100 each.

The problem with 18650s is they are finicky.

They will not survive a complete discharge and are suppose to have a built in protection circuit that will not allow that to happen but the original Ultrafires did not have this added on circuit even though it claimed they did. In short, do not buy ultrafire cells.

My new cells are BRC 18650 and have worked out very well over the last year.

My 2 Streamlight Ultra Stingers sit unused for almost 5 years now.

Once I bought my Lenser M7R from the local cop shop, there was no need for anything else. Small, belt clip. Once hand operation from beam to wide as well as hi / low, strobe, SOS. Lasts 2-3-4 inspections… all with crawl spaces before needing a charge. LED, bright light. Just shop around. List price is like $160 but the local cop shops sell them for around $105.

The Lenser M7R looks real nice… move that one to the top of the list.When inspecting I enjoy having my flashlight hanging at my side with a holster and a Gerber multi tool on the other side. I have debated wearing the old school fanny pack for tool storage but my wife said that’s a little too much:roll:.

Go for the fanny pack. What’s a little more ‘cheesey’ for a “cheesehead”? :razz:

I used ultra stingers for years but have moved to Fenix PD35 I have two and they last multiple inspections on a single charge . Highly recommend.

I also have a Fenix PD35. I like the different brightness settings. Very compact, last a long time between charges, super bright.

$25 7" long 1000 lumens batteries, bought 2 for $5.00 free shipping at Amazon.

Lights up a whole attic.

Love it.

Someone mentioned Lenser. They make excellent head lights, so odds are good that their flashlights are decent too.

The world has move on to LEDs, so I would not consider anything but an LED light that uses rechargeable Li-ion 18650 batteries (alternates one in the charger, one in the light each day and they will last well over a year).

I am partial to Fenix TK (tank) series lights because the tailpiece switch is separate from the mode switch (the light doesn’t change modes every time you touch the tailpiece switch). The lights are well built and tough. I have been carrying a TK12 for years and it works as well and the lens is as clear as the day I got it (no Streamlight I ever owned made it through a fraction of the switch cycles without failing). I just ordered, have not yet received the Fenix TK16 which appears to have the identical body, but the LED emitter is several generations newer than my TK12 and is rated at 1,000 Lumens.


My flashlight and my camera are my two most frequently used tools. I don’t skimp on either.

I have a Coast TX7R which I really like.

Have two of these, use with rechargeable batteries. They seem to be fairly indestructible (and I have tried…)

The very best? Without a doubt: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/fenix-tk35ue.aspx

Here’s what I use.

Pricey but worth every penny.

Kevin, that thing weighs 2 pounds vs. the Fenix which weighs 9 ounces.

9.3 ounces (excluding batteries) to be exact. :wink:

Back in the day I used to inspect using a rechargeable Mag that probably weighed in around 5 pounds (with batteries). It had a halogen bulb with a glass lens and could get hot enough to start a fire.

IMO 2 pounds (including batteries) is not that heavy :wink: and I like it so much I plan on getting another one soon and rotate them.

For the OP, when it comes to inspection tools, whether it be a flashlight, camera, or anything else, do yourself a favor and don’t skimp.

And how well does it work in its 9.3 oz. configuration? :roll:

That would be the weight of the flashlight Nick posted about, ask him.

Perhaps you should try for clarity when you post.:roll:

I have inside information… Inspector Outlet. Inspector Outlet has sold thousands and thousands of flashlights, every brand and model. So we know what breaks because they get returned. We’ve tried them all and have boiled it down over the years to only a few.

I personally like this one because it is so small, yet powerful, and super durable. Not a single return or complaint. Scroll down to the bottom PIC: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/fenix-uc35.aspx

It’s also USB rechargeable.

Has that obsolete NiMH battery technology and in a proprietary package to boot. You can buy a new old technology battery at the Streamlight store while waiting on them to replace your faulty on/off switch.