Flashlights and your thoughts

Does any one know a great flashlight that’s reasonably priced with a minim of 800 Lumens that is great for inspecting? Currently what I have is a Dorcy 300 Lumens flash light and its rechargeable , last 2 hours which is really not enough time, but it does the job.

  • Name brand
  • Price
  • Preferably where you purchased this would be great

I use and recommend this one…


Look in the “Inspector Outlet” on the Nachi site, I have the Fenix TK35UE (older version, not LED) and love it. I also have and use the Fenix headlamp even more, though I have a different model purchased from the Fenix site. With these lights, you need to purchase the rechargeable batteries and possibly charger, if you don’t have one, but it is worth it, more output using a rechargeable than say a Duracell. The Nachi prices are better then on the Fenix site too.


I like these here for $25 a piece.

The one on the left is zoomable with a side switch and four modes and 7".
3000 Lumens.

The one on the right is 2000 lumens, four modes and 6" long.
Uses 3.7v li-ion batteries or 3 AAA battery insert.

With a spare battery, you have 4 hours of light x 2.

I picked up the Fenix PD35 for 70 and these rechargeable USB batteries few weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier with it, its waterproof and 960 lumens. I have the two batteries in case one dies and I have regular Duracell batteries to back up the back up battery.


Been using the Fenix RC20 for a few weeks now, love it. I use it at various settings (the top 1000 lumen setting is too bright sometimes) and it lasts through two inspections on a charge. I also like how it comes with a charging cradle so I’m not having to remove batteries to charge every day.

Inspector Outlet has them, but I ordered from Amazon to get free shipping.

I bought some cheap lights on ebay for my wife and daughters to carry in their car.

About $10 each, I like them so much I bought 3, one uses a single 18650 battery and the others use 2 batteries. I love the SOS for the times I pass out in the attic.

They claim 2000 Lumens but I doubt it but I can light up a tree 500 feet away.

I recommend Crimson Trace :wink: :lol:

Crimson Trace

Had to look it up:D

I have 3Fenix lights and love them. Recently I dropped my Fenix light and it stopped working. I sent it to Fenix for repairs and they sent me a brand new updated light. Mine was 4years old. No questions asked…a good company.

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Lenser M7R. You won’t buy another flashlight again. I am still on my original 5 year old batteries. Lasts through multiple inspections per day and charges quickly. Multiple features and has a nice belt clip. Only 6 inches long.

I have the Nitecore MH25 LED. Micro USB rechargeable and been dropped some many times can’t count with ZERO issues.

How is the Fenix when it comes to clipping on the belt.? Currently I have a rather nice flashlight but it only has 1 brightness setting and non rechargeable AAA batteries. They only last a couple of inspections but it comes with a pouch that I hook through my belt and don’t have to worry about it coming off or anything. I would be worried about the Fenix coming un clipped all the time and struggling to reclip it

I used these for years if the holster is important to you. http://www.streamlight.com/en-us/product/product.html?pid=136

I still have one on my tool belt but I bought a fenix at the last conference from Nikoli and its twice as bright and lasts 5 times longer the stream light is just a back up any more. The fenix has a holster but ease in and out of it is not good based on its size and shape. I wear a tool belt so I just flop in a pouch

The Fenix PD35 comes with a holster you can attach to your belt as well as a clip on the flashlight itself

In addition to Fenix, the Anker flashlight is also very good for any extreme weather, whether it is heavy rain or heavy snow. The brightness of 900 lumens is enough for outdoor travel and camping, and it is also a tactical flashlight for inspection.

I got a pair of these from Evil-bay (from China) for $20. Rechargeable, work great! The only down side is the four modes: flash, SOS and whatever. On/off would work just fine, but unless you turn it on and off in rapid succession you’ll forget the other modes are even there.

I’ve had those and they don’t last very long.
I have 3 Fenix of different lumens and they have out last all others I have tried.
And still going strong.