New product: Fenix PD25 Flashlight

What’s up with all these puny size flashlights you keep posting?
Where the hell are all the “real man”, full sized flashlights at?
When you go to the ‘john’, do you use two fingers or your full hand… or both!!!
REAL MEN want to know!!


Here’s what I am currently contemplating…

…So, whatcha’ got??

I got this one, but not at this price, its now on sale. Very bright, makes a dark room as light as outside in the sunlight.

William, do you have a link?

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it has zoom, strobe will just about blind you, or anyone you point it at. had low and bright mode also. rechargeable via usb.

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Thank you!

Streamlight is good, like a Cadillac. Fenix is a Rolls Royce. Different animals.

This is my favorite. Comes with a “Neutral white” that does not wash out moisture stains on ceilings, it actually illuminates them. It has several levels of brightness which I think is helpful. Fits in pouch or pocket. (nice sales pitch, eh?)

I have several Fenix lights, including the Tk35 UE I’ve used for the past couple years when needed. The smaller Fenix lights get used sometimes, it depends on the situation. Sometimes a lighter weight or smaller light is more convenient, and bright enough. None of my lights are less than 1000 lumens. Fenix has never let me down. I bought my TK 35 UE for $135. It has gone up recently.

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So you’re a two finger kinda guy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is my go to. fits in the palm easily and my toolbelt, blinding bright, lights up the crawl and attic and even the siding of a home in the noon sun. Just ordered my second one.

Jeffery, 1 finger guy here… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You have my condolences!!

Nice flash though. To bad it’s not ‘grown up’! :wink:

Here’s what I’m talkin’ about!!

Me’thinks a new office printer can wait a couple more weeks!! :wink:

Hey @gromicko Gots any deals on printers??