New product: Well Inspection Pump Flow Gauge

well pressure test gauge


Nice piece of inspecting equipment at the right price.

Looks like a good tool for those that do that.

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A five gallon bucket and stop watch work just fine.


Love you R.Y. but I’d like for Nick to say:

Michael, I’m sending you 1 for your birthday.

I ain’t gonna do that Nick has been so good to me.
True Story … a couple years back InterNACHI had a Live Training going on (everyone from InterNACHI was there except for Chris Morrell). I just emailed Nick and he must’ve been in a great mood because he said:
Michael, go to Inspector Outlet and pick you something out on me. I said: Oh No Nick, you’ve already done so much for the years, I couldn’t but thank you kindly anyway.

Nick replies with: 1 tool - what do you want?
I chose a gas sniffer / Co Tester and it’s still nice today. "TICK-TICK-TICK- CHIRP-CHIRP - WE GOT IT BABY - CHIRP-CHIRP.

I’m sure its a great product and I’d love to own 1 oneday but I’d have to place my bid at $325.00


Agreed… … …


Includes an air pressure gauge to measure the well pressure tank air pre-charge,

Tell me what reasonable time you’re looking for when you fill the 5 gallon bucket. I inspect homes with wells occasionally, and I’d like to do more than open faucets and eyeball water pressure.

My county needs to see a minimum of 1 gallon per minute.

I used to pee that fast… :sunglasses:


I think he left out a zero.

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Neither of the above two posts know what they’re talking about

Larry I’ve had kidney stones and impaired function since the late 70s. I’ve peed in the jug for a week, been CAT scanned and had function tests all my life. I guarantee on your best day you can’t pee 1 gallon per minute. Just got out of the hospital for a stone that’s still there. When it comes to peein’ I know alot more about it than most and have a lot more reason to be grateful I still can.

The only ZERO I let out was you! Easily verifiable, try Google. The minimum yield in MD is ONE gallon per minute.