Tool to measure water flow

Received a call today to request an inspection on a home with a well. The client wants us to measure the gallons per minute from the well. Does anyone know of a good tool and where it can be acquired to perform this test?

Gallon bucket and a stop watch?

Above my first choice, but a G-search found this:



I use this gauge for well water testing.

You are right David. This is a great tool. For those of you that want one, they sell them at professional equipment ($99.95), inspector tools ($89.00) and HI-essentials ($87.99). OR

Try this place. I found it when doing some research for some other items.
They have them in stock and the price as of today is $53.93. You can call them direct at the above number. Don’t know how much they charge for shipping. The part number is TO99501 (TO as in TORO)

I just ordered a replacement one for $52.92 with $6.50 UPS ground shipping to me.:smiley:

Thanks Stephen.

I’ve went through about 5 or 6 of the Toro gauges over the years. I finally decided a five gallon bucket (properly marked at the 5 gallon level) and a stop watch is much more reliable, and I trust the accuracy.
Just my 2 cents:)

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I have read the other post and do not disagree with any of them, but if the sole function of this request to measure gallons per minute coming out of a faucet or spigot, yes I would have to agree with Thomas’s post.

Very inexpensive and effective. Similar techniques used by well drillers to determine water flow out of a well that it can produce.

Two continuous uses of faucets and shower require 6 G.P.M. min…
The capacity required of the pump is determined by continuous use at the same time.
You can’t use water out of one or a number of outlets any faster than the pump supplies it.

Now, I would think that pipe size, pump capacities, water pressures would all calculate to the end equation of gallons per minute.

But how is the well capacity importance to the G.P.M. coming out of the faucet.

This is where we need to recommend well water testing to Professionals.

I have provided this to show only how important and intense an inspection area of water flow can be.

Hope this helps in seeing the whole picture.

I think I will stick to my stop watch and gallon jug for the simple flow test out of a spigot. ha. ha.
Well, I am old fashion, so that must count, right?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Home Depot carries the same exact tool instock and I believe it was about $50.