New Why Hire a Certified Professional Inspector brochure.

BTW: All members are CPIs:

They look great Nick as always. I don’t see when ordering how many come in a pack ?


I’ll find out.

Says 50

4th line down there from the top in the product description, 50 per pack.

Sounds like I am marketing you more than you marketing for me. Agree?

How does this benefit me and not promote the other numerous NACHI inspectors in my area?


It doesn’t.

InterNACHI uses them to promote members (in general) at events.

Individual members should use custom brochures from or at a minimum, attach their individual business card to the CPI ones before using them.

So your charging us $12.50 (per 50 count) and our time to distribute and we pay you money each year for a membership, for the privilege to promote YOU?

Come on Nick…really? At least give them away or for each brochure they buy give them one of these for free. You do well at marketing but do people really buy these things or are these for “giveaways”?

??? Huh? It doesn’t promote me. I don’t do inspections and have nothing to sell to real estate agents.

Sold a bunch today. Not all members have their own custom brochure and this piece with their business card stapled to it is the next best thing. They are also good to fill out your booth table at an event or presentation folder. Also, the pre-printed pieces are in stock and available immediately. And finally, they are available in small quantities.

We sell a lot of pre-printed marketing pieces that members can just staple their business cards to. We sell more pre-printed material than we sell custom-designed products. Here are some examples of pre-printed marketing pieces you can attach your business card to:

The brochures don’t promote InterNachi? Are you lying to yourself or trying to lie to me? Either way, your wrong.

OK, so ALL of your marketing material promotes you. I concede to point! You win!

Me? My name isn’t even on them. What product or service are you claiming I am promoting to agents with these? I have no services to sell to agents. Our members do.

Unless you mean the free continuing education we promote to agents. But that continuing education is offered for free. Furthermore, members hand write their InterNACHI ID # on them so that they are alerted when an agent gets their free, online continuing education from that particular local member.

Here they are for your state of Florida:

But again, a local InterNACHI member giving access to free, online, approved continuing education to his/her local real estate agents doesn’t promote anything I sell to them. I don’t sell to agents. It promotes the local member to his/her local real estate agents in his/her local market.

Isn’t there about a dozen threads out there that were started over the last 10 years or so chewing you out, Nick, for not doing enough to promote NACHI so that more people know about the association and so that members can benefit from that recognition?

They started about the same time that ASHI put a $400 surcharge on its members to start a branding campaign, remember? You were supposed to do that for NACHI … without the surcharge, of course.

Now … here you are caught promoting NACHI along with its members. Shame on you. How much did you charge the membership for this?

LOL. Yep. I can’t win for losing.

Nick, the brochure has at least 3 InterNachi logos. The text mentions InterNachi at least 7 times, plus MoveInCertified.

On that very small brochure InterNACHI is displayed no less than 8 times! And your saying your not pimping yourself?

Nock read the heading and the first paragraph, in 21 words NACHI is mentioned 3 times! That is the FIRST 21 words!

It’s Ok, I don’t expect you to see it my way. I am a Home Inspector and YOU run a Home inspection organization. I look out for my best interests and you look out for yours. Totally understandable.

Me and Chris Currins don’t see eye to eye often and when we start agreeing, YOUR WRONG…:stuck_out_tongue:

Its not NICK promoting INACHI its INSPECTORS PAYING to promote INACHI, Using their TIME and money to promote NACHI two totally different things.