New "Refrigerator" graphic for home inspection reports

New “Refrigerator” graphic for home inspection reports is available for members to download. Visit InterNACHI’s Inspection Graphics Library at

Ben refrigerators don’t have expansion valves they have capillary tubes;-) and the air is blown from the coils with a fan toward the food

I think this looks better:

Need a 2nd graphic with freezer at the bottom… and a 3rd graphic with a side by side… :wink:

Updated the article with new content about the refrigerant control:…-appliance.htm

Thanks Ben.
You are doing the association proud.
Best to you and yours.

Who inspects refrigerators, with this much detail?


Joe’s got the idea.
its not the refrigerator, its the operator we are also inspecting.:wink:

I bet when those legs in the image meet, they make an a s s of them selves.:slight_smile:
Ahhhhh, legs.