New Report Software

I got this today. Does anybody use this?

Homegauge is the way to go!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It would be good to see a report that someone created with this software.
I can’t see a link on their website :frowning:

Maybe I’ll try one of their “Trial User Videos” just to see…

Another software company…where do they all come from ? Another word processing application trying to be inspection software…I can never make sense of that. Remember that it says it is built on Word so you will need MS Word also to use the software I am assuming.

Jeff Knight
Knights Software Solutions

At least they have a nice website. Although, it would be nice to have a few sample reports generated by the software and maybe some screenshots.

I get turned off if I am forced to download and install a demo just to see what it looks like. I just move on…


Home Inspector Pro is the way to go
configurable, easy to adjust and additions on the fly, templates design
picture editing at maximum usability,


InterNACHIGauge is Residential and Commercial all wrapped up in one.

Migration Assistant (PV and 3D users)
If any PV or 3D users wants to import their comments and or template into HomeGauge click the link and scroll to the bottom

Be sure and download a full trial version first:

In my opinion, your software is the best I’ve worked with so far. Thanks Russ.

Thank you Linas. We are inspector driven. Many of our new features in 4.0 came form inspectors!!!

I just submitted another report to a client. Thanks for your great product. Keep up the good work.:wink:

Worth repeating!

To each their own but…

HIP Rocks !!!


I would agree after using for about a month.

Same for the website HIP ROCKS and ROLLS

Home Inspector Pro not only has the best Software, but the best customer service.
Do not forget to vote for Dominic Marcic as member of the year.

HomeGauge 4.0. TOPPPPPPSSSSS. Best out there.

Charles, if you tried HIP you would not be making such a rash statement.


How much does Home gage cost?
HIP is only $399.

I can’t understand spending more on anything not as good.

That’s funny :mrgreen: