New Scam with Money Orders

Posted this in wrong category so here goes again:

received a text today. Colorado cell number. Guy said he was “Master Chief Lucas Hays”, and he was at the Poltava Base in Ukraine. Has a local house that he wanted to purchase for his dad. Sent address. A vacant house built in 88 for sale by owner. Said he had spoken to owner and wanted a price. I gave him a price and he went in to the familiar “l’ll send a money order and when you deposit in your bank you can do the inspection”. Told him I don’t accept money orders but could use credit card, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Or bank draft. Said he was “old school”
And didn’t have any of those as he was going through a divorce, “I’m old school and I only use checks”. I told him ok send a usps money order and when I cash it at the post office I will do the inspection. Never another word. I looked up the base and hasn’t been used since late 80’s and no info on us troops being there.

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Last we knew, his POA’s fiancé died from COVID.


Masterbaiter Lucas strikes again. :rofl:

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If you get a text from him, make sure to randomly send him texts about random things for the next month or so.


I always tell him I’m too busy and refer him to my competitors. :sweat_smile:

Anytime that you receive these scams, play along with it. Demand rush payment so that they have to pay $23.00+ each time they send you a check. Once you receive it, tell them that there was a problem so that they have to send you another. Once again paying for rush shipment. They leave you alone after they figure out that you are screwing with them.


“Do you realize that polar bears mate around every three years of so? A lot less often than the houses you would like inspected…”

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My go to address is1060 W Addison Chicago, Il :crazy_face:

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Wow, a bank that can’t spell “fifty” !!! :rofl:


We got two texts from this same guy for two different homes here in Florida. Same MO.

The check has spelling mistakes, lol.

What?? No way!! He’s buying a house in TN now!! LOL!!
For the same message a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t respond… didn’t pass the sniff test.
However now i am gonna start playing along requesting money orders and priority mail service!!