New Sewer Scope Inspection Standards of Practice Released

sewer scope standards practice

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Thank you @gromicko

Is it possible to get a .pdf version?

This might not be what you were thinking but I copied and pasted it into Word and saved it as a pdf.

sewer.pdf (73.5 KB)

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Perfect! Thank you.

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Also: How to create your own clean copy of an InterNACHI document:


InterNACHI’s Sewer Scope Inspection Standards of Practice.pdf (67.6 KB)

More inspection checklists and standards are available at Home Inspection Checklists - InterNACHI®.

Live sewer scope training available at the House of Horrors@.

The inspector is not required to determine orangeburg or Bermico(No corrode or tar paper) yet is required to report material defect? Is reporting a line as oval shaped sufficient? Isn’t Orangeburg or Bermico material enough to be at least identified?

I love the new SOP.

IS there a an updated version of the NACHI sewer agreement that matches the SOP?

The agreement online is still the old agreement that makes no mention of the SOP