New Statefarm required four point form

WOW. Have any of you guys seen the new Statefarm four point form? New requirement to use only thier form starting July 22,2013
Love to here your feedback on this one.

Here we go with the mini-inspections that I feared were coming!

Show it to us .

Here it is - apparently we are to be home owner instructors now, too.

I can only say, everyone should have listened to me when I proposed a standardized form and even offered one ready to go. :roll:

That is a $425.00 4-point inspection.

Thank (insert your favorite whatever) that State Farm doesn’t really want to write any policies down here in Florida!

Who is to say they won’t start? Of course, with that form, there won’t be many issued! :wink:
I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so, in order to whittle down Citizens customers, they are going to be placed with other carriers. Those other carriers will gladly take those policies, provided they are all newer, hurricane resistant homes and in better condition than a majority of the older homes. Cherry picking was the term I used previously.

Of course, anyone with a home that is more than 30 years old, will have to get forced-placed insurance, which will increase their mortgage payment forcing them into foreclosure. At which point, the banks will resume illegally foreclosing on people…but that is for a later rant!

Can someone send us a link to the form to review it thanks

The form is attached with a previous post

I have no problem with their form other than the title of it as a “4 point inspection”. That is funny. Clearly, their inspection form far exceeds 4 points. Unfortunately, there will be many “inspectors” that will be willing to provide the inspection for $50.

What are you guys going to place in the section for septic systems? Are we to now hire a septic operator to comment on the condition?


The question is can this form hold us liable? Why would you get a “Home Inspection” when you can get one of these. I think I will charge almost the same as my home inspection fee for one of these, because my liability will be the same.

Thanks for posting. With a form like that… Whose gonna buy a full home inspection? State Farm can kiss my ***.

This is totally ridiculous! That is a mini + a 1/2 Home Inspection and more. I will charge the same as a CHI. Liability is higher than a CHI + the State Farm has the option Not to accept it. So, you will have to either return the money to your client or go back to re-assess and re-write to conform to someone’s criteria. Non-sense!! You all can have them all… :slight_smile:

We could all just refuse to perform these inspections from State Farm for any price, but if history is any indication in less than a week you’ll all be stepping on your dicks to to these for $50. Makes me laugh.

Panhandle boys would love to corner this market…

They don’t write much in my area thankfully. What I would tell people to do is fill this form out as much as they can before I arrive for a lower price, then just double check everything they did. Or charge a crazy price to do it all myself.

They don’t write any period for State Farm as of yet. I talked personally with my local SF agent today and they said they are not sure if the form will be required for anything they touch or when and if they start back writing in the State at all. I guess time will tell.

I’ve heard from someone at State Farm that, with few exceptions, the 4-Point Inspection will be required on all HO-W applications regardless of the age of the home beginning July 22.

As I said previously…

When other companies adopt, a ready made form like this one, remember where you heard it first. :twisted: