New Student from South Africa

Good morning Citizens of the world.
just starting out my Course.
looking forward to some awesome insight.

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Welcome Kasaven,
The message board is awesome place to learn.
Best of luck in your studies

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much appreciated Sir
thank you

Welcome Kasaven,

Are you still in South Africa? If so which city or area? I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting S.A. but am fascinated by it and one day will visit. Back to InterNACHI. I presume you are following an InterNACHI course. In this world, there is one unrivaled world leader for property inspection and it is right here!

After your course, I would think you might become a member of NABISA as well as InterNACHI!

The people on this forum are very helpful, save a few, and will give you some excellent advice!

Welcome and stay tuned!



Good Morning G
Thank you for the warm welcome.

I will be becoming a member in the Near future as I am also currently completing my Nebosh (UK ) certification.
I am currently a qualified “Working at Heights” Technician and focused on Commercial Property Developments.

South Africa is an absolute Gem barring the political “mumbo jumbo”.
Cape town will be your destination of choice, thereafter a trip to Durban and Port Elizabeth to round off your visit. We are a multicultural Country and you will certainly enjoy your stay/visit.
I currently reside in the Gauteng Province.

Looking forward to all the Awesome communication from the group.

Thank you
Kind regards
Enver (KAZ)

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Kasaven, welcome to InterNACHI and the forum.
Looking forward to reading your posts and replies.
All the best with your endeavors.
Robert Young