South African site... what do you think?

Its here.

Please support your opinion if you have one!

Thanks Kenton .
What a great start ,I will be back later to have another look but I like what I see … Roy

Nice beginning Kenton. Please have someone proof-read it for spelling errors, as I found a couple scattered around.

Dit lyk lekker. Goeie werk manne.
Now don’t you wish that you knew what I wrote. lol
We South Africans know, but the question is do you?

It looks good. Good work guys.

All you need is Google, da ta da ta

Is there a reason we need to? :slight_smile:

Good job Chad.

Im from South Africa and now living in Houston, never knew that home inspections where done in South Africa. I have a brother still living there who works for ReMax and when I told him what I was doing he had never heard of such a service.

Manni Dwyer

There’s a guy in Durban who’s been doing it for 27 years in South Africa.
InterNACHI South Africa is just getting started there. The Africanized entrance exam and Standards of practices are now complete and available on the site, we’re building out the website and getting ready to edit courses.
New inspectors are having trouble passing the exam because there has been no training available.

Thanks Jeff, We’re working on it.

Mooi man

Ek stem saam.

I am heading home to Durban for a week in March. Please supply me with the name, address and phone numbers of any inspectors in Durban.

Send me an email Aubrey, there’s at least 10 inspectors using HIP in SA I can set you up with.