New Thread for 3D Users

3D Inspection System Version 10 has been released! Check out our website for more information or download a free Trial copy.

Hi Donna - a plug for your upcoming session
Need 3D Inspection System training in the Toronto area?

3D is pleased to welcome the new “Regional Reports” specialty package that meets Wisconin standards and ideal for other northern states. ( ). Mark Thomas has degree in Civil Engineering Technology and more than 25 years of experenience in building desgn, construction, and inspection.

Hello Donna, Which is the most popular PDA/Pocket Pc being used with your 3d Inspection system? Brand & Model
Thanks Mike

Dell Axim and HP iPAQ models have always been most popular. However, Dell just announced they are no longer going to be manufacturing new Axim units (seems they are getting out of the Pocket PC manufacturing altogether), but will of course continue to support models already manufactured for at least 3 years.

So if you can find a Dell still available, they typically beat others on price, but if not, iPAQ is the next popular brand.

Of course any Windows Mobile Pocket PC should run Pocket3D, and inspectors do use other models besides those two leading favorites.

Thanks Donna

Donna, I would think a good marketing tool for you guys would be is to develop canned reports for the states that have HI licening and reporting laws in place. You guys have some states already but having them all would give you a nice leg up

Donna thanks again for a showing us the way in the Toronto Training Session last week-end. I know I certainly got a lot out of it. You walked us through how to make life much easier on how to do a quick start, or customize our reports. We may even consider that cruise -training venue - next!
Cheers, Claude

Hi Joe,
Check out our Focus products, which focus on different areas of the country. Most are specialized for specific requirements and conditions in an area or inspection type. Most resellers also offer the content separately to add to an existing system. I’m not aware of any state requirements that are not covered by either one of these additional specialty products or the forms that now come in our regular edition. We updated all our forms and content in our regular package when we released version 10. And there are free download add-on forms available on our website, linked to our general support information page. If you have some particular concern or need for a state, I’d suggest checking with our main office as there may be something already available you just don’t know about.

P.S. Version 10 content was also updated to include association standards, etc, including NACHI’s, and the inspection contract recommended by Bob Pearson/Allen Insurance Group. Which makes it a snap for NACHI members to complete reports that meet and include the standards of practice.

Hi Donna, and everyone else… I know the Ipaq is the brand of choice, but it is my understanding that Pocket PC’s are on the way out, because the phones are taking there place. I am now in search of a phone that will run Pocket 3d. There seem to be plenty of models that have windows mobile in them, but only a few that are not read only type format. Do you or anyone know of a particular phone that does run pocket 3d, preferably a T-moblie model.?

Pocket PCs are definitely not on the way out; they are more popular than ever(any current windows mobile Pocket PC… as long as it’s a Pocket PC should run Pocket3D)

You’ve probably just noticed the trend that more Pocket PC Phone edition units are available than there used to be- which also shows the Pocket PCs popularity has grown more than ever. Our forum thread here has more details about how to tell the difference between a lame Windows Mobile Smartphone and real Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone edition unit that will do double-duty for you:

iPAQ makes Pocket PC Phone edition models, and mobile phone branded ones like T-mobile are available too. Microsoft’s lists (see links in aforemented forum thread) of the various models is most helpful in comparing the models currently available at any time, and determining exactly what type of phone each one is.

Hi Donna, I am thinking of upgrading my desk top to a ViSTA machine. Any issues with using XP Tablet and then merging into the VISTA machine?

Hi Joe,
There’s no issue with transferring 3D data files between computers running different versions of Windows.

However, you just want to make sure you have version 10.1, which is completely compatible with the certification requirements for Windows Vista. You can check your version using Help > About 3D. If you’re running an earlier version of 10 and need the 10.1 upgrade, contact tech support to receive it free.

Your Data folder locations may vary on different computers, but you can use the new Report Writer Preferences > Preferences, File Locations tab to easily note where your data is stored on any particular computer, and then just transfer your files between those folders as desired.

If you’re thinking of upgrading an existing computer to Vista, keep in mind that you’ll want to run the upgrade advisors provided by Microsoft. You may also want to make sure you have Windows Vista compatible versions of any other software you may use. Also, I’d recommend uninstalling existing programs from the computer before updating the OS, then reinstalling them after upgrading the OS, as that helps avoid problems. Or you may decide there is little benefit to upgrading your current computer to Windows Vista (check out some helpful article links on the hardware forums on our website). If so, you could always wait until you replace your computer to get a new one with Windows Vista pre-installed. I think most folks in general have had better results going that route, instead of trying to upgrade existing computers that are already serving them well.

I hope that helps… and don’t forget to check out the other articles and links in our website forums.

Thanks Donna, I would be getting a new machine with the OS pre installed

Hi Donna:

I have a number of special inspections on government owned low income housing.

The reports must be prepared on a specific software program and I was trying to create a short 4-5 page checksheet that I could use as field notes - then use the notes to prepare the required report.

I tried working through the help section of 3D to learn how but I’m not getting it.

These need to be done Wed and Thurs June 7-8. (Just found out we got the deal, Just like Govt. to delay, delay, then say jump)

Can you help?



Guess not!

Oh well never mind… got it done

If you’re doing HUD 52580 reports for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you can just download that form from our bonus form download page accessed from the link on the version 10 Home screen, or from the link on our general support page.

If you need to create a custom form, you could use the Custom Form Studio. The program HelpDesk has a tutorial Getting Started Guide for that area. Or check with other users on our Marketplace page to see if someone has already created the form you’re looking for.

Whoops, sorry, didn’t notice at first you’re in Canada- in that case the HUD form isn’t what you’re looking for. But you can always create your own, if it’s something that will likely come up again in the future.


Yep I’m in Canada. I’ll try the custom form studio. The inspections got postoned till next week

go figure;)