What is this software?


I’m a new inspector currently using and frustrated with InspectIT. Looking around online, I found this report on someone’s website. Does anyone know what software this is? I love the simplicity of it but can’t seem to find its matching software. Even if you don’t know what software this is, please share your recommendations on software that looks like this. My perfect software would be this report format, the easy phone or tablet app navigation (like 3D, or InspectIT without the horrible syncing problems), ability to design templates on the cloud or pc, cloud storage/backup, and good customer support. I don’t need the other fancy bells and whistles like ISN integration, scheduling/emailing in the cloud, digital reports (nothing fancy like spectora).

Thanks for your help!

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Sorry I can’t help you with the name of the software.

Give him a call. http://katulahomeinspections.com/about.html

InspectIt, the word type which is no longer available/supported.

I emailed him, since it’s a weekend. Haven’t heard back yet.


Thank you! That makes sense since they still use the Description-Observation-Limitation format in their narrative template. Unfortunately, it’s going to take me some time to modify their narrative template to make it look somewhat like their old word type version. I guess that’s the trade off for having apps and the cloud now. Some automation gets better while other things are lost. I just wish their was software out there that had this simplicity without all the busy colors, icons, hyperlinks, but could still be used on a app with cloud/pc functionality.

I don’t like having to pay every month for a software so I switched to 3D. You could make it look like pretty well anything you want but it takes time to learn. It has more features than ReportPlus.

No sure about that one. I have been using Spectacular Home Inspection for about 6 years. You can find it on the App Store. Owners name is Aaron. He is extremely helpful and quick to respond. He also takes suggestion and if there worthy he will implement them into the app. Fully customizable to your needs. Very reasonable price too. Mention my name please as he does give referal discounts. I’m not plugging his product for the discount I am genuinely thrilled with the product. I have had nothing but complements from clients and real estate agents about how easy the reports are to read.

That is a common complaint among inspectors, especially those of us who have been around for a while. However, subscription-based software is most certainly the “wave” of the future.

When we considered the model for InspectorNexus.com, we opted for the subscription base as well. Ours, however, includes all updates (no extra fees for updates or “latest versions”) and all storage (“cloud”) services. We are even building the back-office and scheduling that will be included for no additional fee and existing users will see this appear seamlessly without any changes to what they’ve gotten used to.

IMO, this is as close as you can get to “buying the product outright” while still benefiting from an ever evolving report writing system.

I would hope not! Too internet dependent.

Ours is not dependent on internet other than to publish and to receive updates. You can’t send an email without internet :slight_smile:

Does your mobile app require a cloud service?

That is because subscription-based software are the only software available now. Very few can be purchased nowadays simply because they are going where the profit is and that is subscription-based. Microsoft, Quicken, Acronis,…all smelled the money. By the way, I can’t open your link in Internet Explorer. Cheers.

I’m not sure what you mean by “requiring” cloud service. You can create a PDF and save it to your hard drive, if you prefer, but the “cloud” (secure Amazon server storage) is part of the package. It’s where the app stores all your libraries and completed reports.

Boy, you really are a dinosaur :yum: :grin:

I can’t say I’ve ever tried to open the link via IE, but I’ll look into it for you. It works best on Google Chrome and Safari.

Opens with Firefox as well.

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Thanks Jeff but you don’t have to look into it for me, I was thinking of others and yourself (business). I use IE and Chrome. By the way, I paid about $1,000 for ReportPlus and used it for 20 years with no other fees… :wink:

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I’ll assume you’re referring to the initial post, since InspectorNexus is worlds apart from any “word processing” program. We use React Native, which is a cutting edge framework for building apps in both Android and iOS.

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HomeGauge has descriptions at the beginning of each section like that.

Best inspector.net is very similar, i use it and like it.