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In continuation of the prior discussion about Palm units, now that Palm has come out with the new TREO that runs Pocket PC Windows Mobile operating system, you’ll be happy to know that 3D will run on those units also. Since the TREO does have a slightly smaller screen than most Pocket PCs, our latest version also auto-detects the unit screen size so it can use the best screen format for the unit.

Of course you also have the ability to switch between portrait and landscape modes on any newer Windows Mobile Pocket PC, with screen adjust happening automatically as you switch between modes.

I forgot to mention that we also have recently updated our website at , and will continue to do so over the coming months. Stop by and visit periodically to check out what is new!


All subscribers should have already received our latest version 9.1 with new features such as modify menu items permanently on the fly from report writer, add new forms on the fly wherever you want, and relable form names at any time, and so forth. Also Premier users can now sync their schedules over to Outlook for use there, or viewing on Pocket PC.

If you’re a subscriber and didn’t receive your subscription update, please check with our main office. Or if you’re not a subscriber and want to upgrade, please contact sales!

Do these come with the software or do you buy your own?:slight_smile:

“3D” originally referenced the three "D"s of home inspection reporting, from back in the 80’s- Describe, Disclose, Disclaim
(and I like to add “get D money”)

But we definitely add the most dimension to inspection reporting too! -with lots of choices and still the champion of flexibility and customizableness vs. any other inspection software out there.

3D is always pleased to welcome new specialty packages to our offerings! The most recent additions are Spanish Elite and WDI-WDO Mobile Reporter.

The beauty of 3D is that you are never limited to the types of forms you can create or customize. Nothing is beyond editing too- form names, headings, subheadings, etc. One package does it all! If you already own 3D, there’s no need to buy another version of the software to do your commercial, mold, WDI, Texas, French, or other types of inspections. You can either create your own new forms to add to your program, or purchase professionally designed ones from our affliates and just pop them into your existing program.

Keep in mind the Focus packages (link above) include both the 3D software and specialty forms. So if you already own 3D, and are only interesting in adding certain new forms available, simply contact the developer for form-only pricing, since you already have the software and don’t need to buy it again.


Where do users of 3D find online help? tutorials? any online trainiing sites? newsletters?

Thanks Wendy

Your welcome:)

Yes, thanks Wendy! Also Mike, various Trainers listed do offer different things- regular classes, individualized help, and/or online webinar how to presentations. We also offer online webinar presentations about basic features every week, as mentioned on our home page. And you can access tutorials and videos right from the HelpDesk on the Actions pane that installs with the software. And if you still have a question after all that, you can always click contact support and ask them!

You’re welcome Donna. :slight_smile:

Hey Donna

NC is in the process of mandating a “standard report”. I was told at the last board meeting that all software venders are aware of this and will be implementing changes for NC inspectors. Is this true? Have you guys been contacted by the NCHILB? And, are you aware of the proposed changes in report writing?

This sounds great. From the perspective of a frustrated Inspectvue user, that is my biggest gripe, the lack of versatility. IV is very limited in this respect.


I had to check around, since we have not been officially contacted about any new NC form. However, someone at our main office heard that NC is working on a standardized format, but understands that it is still in committee. So they first need to settle on the design it seems.

Of course, anyone can certainly replicate any kind of form themselves right in the 3D software as needed- our engine lets you create and customized unlimited forms, and exactly replicate official goverment paper forms too as needed. But for a popular official form we probably would be willing to create ourselves and simply make it freely available to 3D users. So we certainly invite them to contact us about it once things have been officially decided.

3D is pleased to welcome the new “Advantage Pro Inspection Software Suite” specialty package ( ) created by J. Keith Gipe, instructor of various ITEC (Inspection Training & Education Consultants) classes.

3D is happy to announce that there will be free training available at the upcoming ASHI in Anaheim, CA on January 11, 2007. This training will be held Thursday night in the Pacific conference room from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Some refreshments will be available.
This class is great for the 3D user who knows that 3D can do more for them, but isn’t sure just how much more.

Also, don’t forget that 3D’s report web delivery service is free- we’ve never had any membership “levels” or monthly or yearly fees required to use our delivery feature. Clients get the link automatically emailed from YOU, and customers see no other branding to get their reports other than what you include in your email. Take advantage of the extra stuff like this that is included with 3D but others charge extra for.

Is there a NACHI discount for the FOCUS editions? I really like the look of the “Advantage Pro Inspection Software Suite”

Resellers set their own pricing for their specialty Focus editions. You may notice this allows them to give you substantial savings over products produced and sold directly by us. For instance, the Advantage Pro suite represents more than 30% off the purchase price of our regular 3D Inspection System software. Quite a fantastic discount for a complete software solution!