New to InterNACHI--Study Assistance

I am new to InterNACHI. I have taken the pretest and obviously have some areas that i need to study on. My question is the training, do i simply take the training listed on the InterNACHI site which aligns with the category that i need improvement on and go from there?
Is there anywhere where i can look for the step by step process to become certified? I am going to be working in AZ if that is needed to know.
Any advice is appreciated.
David Berry

First Priority…

Do you know what Arizona requires to meet the needs of gaining a license?
That should always be first and foremost in determining priorities.
AZ requirements trump Internachi requirements… always!!

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Thanks jr. I will check it out to confirm. I believe it is the nachi cert and 30 parallel inspections

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Hi David,

Jeffrey’s point is very important - I would contact the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration (AZBTR) to determine what they will accept for requirement (b) pass a national home inspector exam. Here in MD, they require the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE). Each student has his/her own best methods of preparing, but for me, what worked was a combination of the in-person classroom lectures, self-study from the class book (for my course it was Principles of Home Inspection by Carson Dunlap & Assoc), flash-cards which I made myself primarily from the class book, and going through the practice exams on InterNACHI. I can tell you that when I took the NHIE, there were questions/wording of questions that were different than what I had seen on the practice exams, so be diligent. The NHIE is a proctored exam and it is not easy. Good luck!

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Welcome to our forum, David!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

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Thank you all for the great support

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