New to me -

Ran across this one-sided A-coil at an inspection.

The unit was part of an electric heat pump system. I have only seen them 2-sided in the past. ???

Any thoughts?

Pretty common in smaller dwellings, like condos and such. . .

I agree, the surface area is sufficient for a smaller unit

Linda I guess I am just a skeptical old fart If I was inspecting that unit and observed a slab or slant coil on a heat pump not to say they can not be used they can, on very small tonnage. I would have matched the coil # on the box to the tonnage of condensing unit to ensure that some cracker jack did not miss match the system. I have seen to many condensing units changed out and no one changed the coil. Typically heat pumps will have a larger capacity coil than a standard cooling system.

That’s an excellent thought, Charley.

I call the mfg. and confirmed that they are rated to be used together.

Guess the installer figured it was ok since we have so much more summer than winter around here ! :slight_smile: