New to me

A “vermin proof” dryer vent exhaust hood. Anybody know who makes 'em or anything about them? Any info would be appreciated.

Here ya go

these things are great Josh…and I believe the one in Your picture and the one in Bob’s are slightly different although that could just be a change in model years…the first one of these i saw was at my parents house about 20 years ago after a mouse found it’s way into the drier…I found one at either an ace or true value hardware for my own house about 8-10 years ago…after a chipmunk got in… and they sure work slick…take the top off and clean the inside out a couple of times a year and you are good to go…no more drafts…no more un- invited guests…and pretty straight forward to install…I have been looking for one for the new house so thanks for the link Bob…jim

Thanks guys! Learn something new every day, gotta love it… have a great weekend!

My Brother in law has one on his house in Montana (cold winters), said it works great!