New to the board, looking for direction please help.

I would be very greatful for those who read this and help me out!

Well, I have read these boards off and on for about a year. I am like many that come on here asking for direction. I am looking to pick up Home Inspection as my carreer. My wife is a Realtor/Appraiser so I kind of have something to help me out once I become a full fledged inspector.

I have little construction experience in my past. I have remodeled a few houses in the past as my wife and I do some “flipping”. I took the Inspectors exam today and missed passing by 9. I think I got close to 80 questions right. I have had no home inspection training to date.

I am in the process of trying to find the correct training/education. I live in Georgia and have seen a few schools around.

That is a few I have found. I could not find any Nachi recommended training but I may not be looking on this board in the right place. I am not sure what I need to look for in the course offering. Most I see are only like 6 days, how can I take a longer class? And, If I did do the 6 day class, I am sure I would not have enough training to go out and do inspections. What would be next?

Sorry for the long message. I would be very greatful for some answers.

ITA has a two week class that I have heard great things about. That includes a few actual on-site inspections. Even after that training, I would still hesitate jumping in head first. I would strongly recommend several ride alongs with experienced home inspectors. Two weeks of class will only slightly prepare you for the inspection.

Good luck. Feel free to email with any questions:

amc3000, what state are you in?

Amc3000, if you failed the test , I would suggest schooling of at least 2 weeks, or an intense at home study , followed by classroom sitting. A ride a long is also a good idea. The entrance exam is only that.


Well, I did better than I thought I would do with no training. Just about every class I see out there is only for 6 days. My main question is where to get the best training for my money.

When you say “classroom sitting”, what exactly is that? Or were you referring to if I did the home study, then go to a live class?

I want to take the right steps in order to acheive my goals. I dont expect to take a 6 day class and be inspecting houses the next day. I am getting a feel for everything I will need to do before that day comes. If that means doing a 14 day class, with many ride alongs, and then more training, then so be it. Just trying to find out the best way to do this thing here. Thanks much!!!

ITA Enhanced Course. 2 weeks classroom and lab + 1 or 2 live inspections.

For training also check if local community colleges or vocational schools have home inspection programs. They are usually done at a pace that better allows you to absorb the material, and can be more prestigious as a marketing tool and in getting realtors to give you a shot.

Pay attention to weak areas indicated from taking the online exam, and consider additional reading and hands on training in those areas.

Start out by actually doing inspections for family and friends, especially ones that have had a home inspection done recently and look at the report after you do your inspection.

Thanks for the responses.

Well, the ITA class seems to be the most expensive I have seen thus far.

jclark1 - Do you mean take the ITA class, and another 2 week class?

This one offers a few onsite inpections as well. Just dont know how respectable it is. Do I need to find a class that is an affiliation or is a member of NACHI or ASHI?

eporter- thanks for offering your email addy for questions. I may take you up on your offer.

Any inpectors in Atlanta area I could do a ride-along? I dont mind paying for your time.

No, I was just saying that is just a breakdown of the ITA Enhanced class. What Robert said about the community colleges is good also. I would have gone that route had I known of it before going to ITA.

oh ok I see. Yeah, the ITA/Kaplan looks nice, but 3k… ouch

is there a diff in NACHI and ASHI?

Ahit offers a great course for a week. You should look into it.

You’ll find that the $3000 you pay for ITA training will be paid back in no time. The learning curve will shrink considerably. They have schools all over the country.

The difference between NACHI and ASHI … hmmm since you’re on a NACHI board your going to get one view.

I personally think that they are very good.

Good luck in your new choice.

PS You will probably not be able to do inspections for homes your wife represents. Conflict of interest on both sides.

Thanks for the reponses.

Only thing with the ITA/Kaplan is that seems the only time they have class is during the week. Dont know if I could swing 2 weeks off at my company.

I received some info from kaplan the other day. Anyone ever order any of their videos or books? They had a list of two pages of everything they got. I believe I will order a few such as the “Getting Started” videos.

See Education section of

Big difference between ASHI and NACHI. ASHI is a no-entrance-requirements whatsoever diploma mill, is much, much smaller than NACHI and has almost no membership benefits in comparison to

Good luck!

I have referred several people to Infinity Home Inspection School, the results are great, and there is a discount for NACHI members.

North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville (long way from Winder) offers a course. Might want to check around you at one of the state Technical colleges.

:nachi: :nachi:

I attended the last NACHI Atlanta meeting and found it to be very informative. The folks that attended are a wealth of information and are ready to assist.

Well, I ordered my “Getting started in HI” DVD/workbook from Kaplan. I will watch it soon. Still havent found my class yet. Few out there, but need one to match my current work schedule.

In everyones opinion, what do you think are some very important aspects of a class that would make you want to take it?

Onsite inpsections?
The books used? Which kind?