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Hi All, Love this forum and I’m sure to be reading a lot and learning a lot too. First a little snapshot of myself and then the question. I have 28 years of aircraft inspection experience. Am very detailed oriented and focused on customer service. I started a Lawn Service co last year (part time) and have grown from 5 accounts to 25 just this year. No real advertising, just word-of-mouth based on my attention to details and the needs of my customers. I’ve often commented if I had it to do over I would like to be in the home building business. I’ve decided to combine my inspection, business, and customer service experience together and pursue starting up a Home Inspection business.

Sorry to ramble but here's what I need help on. After reading a lot I've decided NACHI is where I want to be. Oh, I took the online test and did very well. There's an ASHI 6 day class in Atlanta soon and I just happen to be on vacation that week. Would it e beneficial for me to take that class since it's available here locally? Are there any other training courses that you can recommend to get started if you do not think the ASHI course is a good idea.

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Any addtional education you can get is beneficial to you.

Wisconsin Home Inspection, ABC Home Inspection LLC

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Find out what (if any) licensing and educational requirements are in your state and start with that. link courtesy of Gerry Beaumont

Be sure to check out the links on this page;

Where to stop
Never stop! Education is a ongoing process that keeps the brain sharp.


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