New to the Inspector field

I’m studying to pass the course and start inspecting. What advice do you have for the new guys trying to get the knowledge to *** the test and become certified?


Go to the top of this page and click on the “Message Board” button. That will take you to every thread/post including archives on this massage board. Take your time and read through every single post made. Twice. When done, perhaps you will be ready to begin.

PS… don’t forget to take that college course Business 101. Nothing about inspecting will matter if you can’t run a profitable business.

Good luck!

Also fill in your profile identifying where you are located so those in your State can provide specific advice!

Go out with an experienced inspector for many trips the experience and knowledge you pick will increase your chances, of succeeding in this industry .
Be prepared to pay for their time and knowledge is well worth the cost .
If you can not get an inspector close to you then call inspectors 100 miles away to see if you can get help . send me your phone # if you want to talk .

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Jeffrey …

A while back one of the new inspectors in my chapter had seen one of your posts to somebody on this site. On that thread … You had told the poster to

He could not see where this “Message Board” button was at. I tried to help him BUT could not find it either??

I’d forgotten about that till I saw this current post.

Where is this button?? Are you referring to the INSPECTION FORUM link or something else?

Control Panel

       Go to Page...                              

Your Control PanelYour Profile Edit Your Details Follow the red words add you name and place ++++

Edit Signature

NO! Does not apply!

Jeffrey …

Thats what I thought. You could not find it again either.

What the hell are you talking about? Can’t you see the RED hand pointing to it? I swear, you are getting more and more like Nick every day.

No RED HAND anywhere on my page. Maybe the kid that asked me is the same.

I’ve opened the inachi site thru … Mozzila, Google & Yahoo

Don’t see a Red Hand ANYWHERE … Sorry

Well, it was there. The MB must be blocking it for some reason.
Anyway, the 'Message Board" button is at the very most top of all MB pages, just to the right of the InterNachi Logo and next to/left of the ‘Membership/Inspectors Exam/More>’ buttons.
This is true on my desktop as well as my laptop. If you are on your phone… who the hell knows.
If you still don’t see it, post a screenshot of the top of your page. That is what I posted of mine, but it’s gone now.


From my experience in the business and previous businesses.

Definitely make sure you know what you are doing on the business side of things to ensure you don’t run into any issues there.


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