New training app for home inspectors

Thank you, looking forward to the android version.

The Android beta is available at

Give it a try and let us know if you run into any bugs.

For those of you who have downloaded the Android beta—any feedback?

Just did. Made it through 5 questions before it stopped on its own.

On " To check the functionality of a microwave oven,you can _______" Theres a spelling error on the answer.

Made it through another 15 or so questions. “Unfortunately ,Study has stopped” again.

Alot of the questions seem geared towards beginners or people that may be considering the trade. How about an advanced version or component specific versions. Cart before horse?

Put on my iPhone. Worked well for awhile. It is now is stuck on a certain question and crashes when trying to answer. Unable to get beyond it even after deleting and reinstalling.


Thanks for all the feedback. We’ll look at the crash reports and see if we can figure out why it crashed on you.

As for the advanced version—that’s a great idea, and we’ll certainly look into adding additional sets of questions over time. The questions in this particular pool are based on existing state licensing exams (not InterNACHI’s exam), so it’s certainly going to be more valuable for inspectors who are going through licensing or just getting started.


I’m aware of 4-5 separate people having the same issue. We’re still looking into it—so far it’s been hard for us to replicate it on our end, which makes debugging difficult. But I expect it to be sorted out shortly.


I am having the same problem (Iphone) program got stuck on one question, when you answer it the app crashes, no way to get around this, tried all the answers, logging out and back in, as well as re-installing the app. Will there be a bug fix soon?

Thanks Chris i will be looking in to it next week

Turn of device , if that does not work uninstall and reinstall.

The Android version is running smooth. Thank you InterNACHI for everything that you do for us.

Ive been using the android version love the app. Works great. But recently the app as been failing everytime i answers a question. I cant use the app anymore. I reported the issue when it failed. I just wanted to make sure people are aware.

Worked great for me but when I handed the phone to my daughter for her to test her knowledge, it worked for 30 minutes​ and crashed. I logged out and back in (nothing). I uninstalled and reinstalled (again nothing). Once you can get the bugs out of this, it’s going to be super nice. Just a suggestion … if you want to really “rock it” and have Inspectors get the most out of it … consider adding illustrations and multiple answers to what the picture is describing. Example: diagram of a window: What type of window is listed in the picture above?

I think you all are doing an awesome job and I thank you.

Great app but need to fix crash problem. I got through about 100-200 questions then it crashes on a specific question. Tried installing on a different device and crashes on same question.

What question does it crash on? (May help to identify problem).

The Android app could be really good but it currently has a fatal flaw: nearly every correct answer is the top answer.

What would make it great is if every question was categorized so that you could pull up each section i.e. electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. to see which subjects you have strengths and weaknesses in.