New Video (with Nick Gromicko) about Home Energy Inspections

We got Nick to actually sit for more than 30 seconds.

Nick did a great job, but… it’s kind of creepy… he never blinks!!!

LOL. And I did it without my teleprompter.

Looks like a good program. Can you get it for us up in the sunny North?

Sounds interesting Nick.

I also noticed you got a few grey hairs over it. ;):mrgreen:

Most homeowners throw away an equivalent of a 55” flat screen TV every year in wasted home energy.

Here’s a way to clearly explain to your clients:

  • how much the home will cost to operate once they move in,
  • where their new home is wasting energy, and
  • how to save money by saving energy.

The Home Energy Inspection

Very nice video and wondering how long will it be before we can start to offer this service?

How much should we offer this report to the client?