New Video (with Nick Gromicko) about Home Energy Inspections

Nice motivational Ben and Nick/ Let me ask you what price do you think is a fair price for this service along with a Home Inspection ? Just looking for generalizations as I realize there will be factors such as size etc… that will play a role but give us your thoughts.


According to the website it says 50-100 bucks. I would be curious to see what James Bushart has to say about this service.


I’m sure our Legal Dept will make me delete my post #4 soon.

I see some questions are going to be impossible to answer in many cases such as what the insulation is inside of walls?


That’s correct.
But the more information you can enter into the energy calculator, the more accurate the report results.

No matter what, the tool will always produce a report for you.

*(, Billy.

If an inspector is prepared to take on liability for items that are disclaimed in the InterNACHI SOP and needs the extra $50, this is as good as anything else.

Several months ago, there was talk of InterNACHI actually taking a leading role in providing services in this realm until Ben opted to diminish this service and home inspectors who provide it to the level of Home Depot sales clerks with RESNET. A revised tool that would provide general information to encourage home buyers to take additional steps to learn how to better operate and enjoy their new homes was to be instrumental toward that end.

I haven’t looked at the new tool, but if it has been improved to eliminate the moronic “score” and does not claim to be more than it is (so that people don’t want to sue their inspector for omitting important energy efficiency information about a house they intend to buy) it can actually be a nice add-on.

Wise inspectors will partner with professionals that they can refer their clients to for detailed information that the tool does not provide instead of pretending to be experts, themselves. (You wouldn’t do it with an engineering issue. Don’t do it with a home performance issue.) Identify the potential and recommend an expert.

In this regard, you can actually be using this tool for a legitimate purpose and not just as a quick way to make $50.

I will continue to oppose the “home energy score” provided by home inspectors without the owner’s knowledge or permission. RESNET is promoting the use of home inspectors in that process to generate revenue for themselves (you will pay them $500+ to participate under their credential, just like the Home Depot sales clerks will. Paying $500+ in order to be equal to a Home Depot sales clerk is not my idea of a credential, but some will disagree).*

Score was eliminated Jim.

Excellent, Nick.

I understand that Ben, however for this particular option there is no choice on the drop down choices for unknown or none, i believe the minimal option is 3" ?


Available only to those with a 5 digit American zip code???

Yep, it’s only available in the US because it’s based on a system built by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about this unless LBNL chooses to expand their program.

Curious, how accurate would it be to input a Michigan zip code if I’m only a couple hours away?