WDO Inspections in New York

Hello everyone, I’ve been doing as much as possible to become more knowledgeable with additional inspection services. While I am still new and working on setting up more ride-alongs and free inspections, I’ve been told more than once by real estate agents that I should get WDO certified or licensed.

That sounds great and all but trying ti figure out what that actually means in NY has been a little confusing. While I’m grateful for InterNACHI’s free course on WDO, knowing my state, I will probably need to be a technician, a PCO before I can fill out a NPMA-33 form. So, that being said and known, if I do complete the WDO course offered by InterNACHI, does that mean that I can at least acknowledge the presence of a WDO in my report while not mentioning anything specific and providing a small list of WDO licensed inspectors in the area?

I don’t think WDO is something I’d charge extra for but I want to be able to stand out a little more in the sea of home inspectors local to my market. Is my planned approach valid? Just need some advice and clarity. Thanks in advance!

According to the original interpretation by some individuals of the NYS SOP and Law we, as Licensed Home Inspectors were not supposed to deal with WDI/WDO. That thought was that only a DEC licensed person was qualified to do WDI/WDO. Ben G. queried NY State DEC on this and explained that we as HI are observing the same things as “a bug guy”. The State DEC representative replied that “yes, the HI can observe for evidence of past or active insect activity"PROVIDED the HI does not specifically identify the insect or recommend treatment”. As far as WDO, Wood Destructive Organisms, that would seem to come under the realm of the NY State Dept of Labor MOLD LAW. Unless Mold Assessor Licensed DO NOT say anything other than "…resembles a mold-like substance. Advise a licensed Mold Assessor perform furthe investigation and needed testing:.

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