New Website for Watchdog Home Inspections

If you’d like a custom website for your home inspector business, request a free quote through the link below.

Looks great. The only change that I would make is to make the logo itself larger and get rid of the repeated company name on the side of it. If you need a larger logo file format let me know.

You have a good point. Had we increased the logo, we would of had a great amount of white space in the header. So we agreed to keep the logo a decent size and add the business name next to it.

Thank you for always being so helpful with making sure we get the right logo format :slight_smile:

Speaking strictly as a copywriter…

You use the word “I” throughout your pages. For example:

…but, nowhere do you actually post the inspector’s name UNTIL the contact page.

You might want to insert a floating div with the inspector’s portrait in it and a caption of his name below it somewhere at the top of the page. You could even introduce the inspector on the homepage with a quote from him so that it prefaces who “HE” is before visitors venture into interior pages.

Just my two cents.

Sample report needs work.
Like that it was done for DR WHO however.

This one is terrible.

Who wrote the copy? It’s not even in proper English.

Very generic at best.

Did Kate critic this???

I agree. Very bland. Promotes know one but InterNACHI. Way too many logos.

Kinda like getting Boy Scout badges eh…lol